Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Spring Break!!!!

Well my inlaws's 50th anniversary party went off well Sunday. Not that I was there, I was home with Jake who was burning up with a fever. I took him into the dr's on Tues because he still has it (it comes and goes). He was given a script for an antibiotic but all the pharmacies were closed by the time we got out of the dr's last night. I haven't filled it. He's sleeping in my bed right now...poor thing.

Monday I took Val and Michelle in for dr appts early in the morning. Drew and Pat got out of class and met us. I was getting the funniest looks from people being with 4 20-15yos and then obviously pregnant. I was asked when I was due and someone acted surprised that I had all summer left to go. LOL So yes, I've popped out quite a bit lately. We spent the day shopping. We hit the thrift store where they had fill a box for $8! We fit a LOT into our box including a electric neck massager...wooohoooo! I almost bought it last time I was in there. LOL I finally broke down and spent our $100 gift certificate that my brother gave us for Christmas. We are now the proud owners of a Game Cube. I had to spend some money to buy games, controllers and memory cards. I'm still trying to figure out if I was smart to do it when I did. I should have bribed the kids for a few days and gotten a bunch of work out of them. Now it's a fight to get them off their butt and's just so mesmerizing. I fell into the trap last night and played from 2am (after kicking off Michelle) until 5:45 this morning. *blush* Even thought I was sitting with my feet up, my hands and feet were REALLY swollen. I don't think the 76 degree nighttime temps were helping either. It's gonna be a FUN summer. I could feel the edema in my lungs when I layed down (started coughing). :o( Needless today I'm starting off the day with a bit more fluid retention then I normally do. At least my bloodpressure is still great....122/76.

I think my insulin is going to need a boost or two soon. I admit I haven't been so great on following my diet and checking my sugar at the right times. I've had a few highs and even really high highs. Sunday I got leftovers from the anniverary party, including my fruit salad (watermelon, cantelope, strawberries and green grapes..YUM!!) I'd been wanting watermelon for a while so I had some with dinner...actually I had way more then I should have. My sugar was 189 1hr after dinner (suppose to be under 140). It's times like that that I wish I had some fast acting insulin to control the oops and even compensate for it. Then again, knowing me I'd probably be cheating all the time, gain a zillion pounds and need a boatload of insulin by the time I'm done. So I guess I'll just stick with this plan.

It's been great Spring Break weather all week! On Saturday I attacked the rhubarb bed with a handheld claw. It looked great but I was paying for it on Sunday. I couldn't lift up my arms!!!! OUCH!!!

I'm not sure how hot it got yesterday but I know it was still 76 degrees at 7:45pm when we left the dr's office. The kids were complaining that it was too hot to sleep. It doesn't help that our screens need some work and the mosquitos were flying in in droves with the windows they were quickly getting closed. Tom mentioned something about getting an air conditioner. I mentioned I'd at least like a small one for our room so I can cool down while taking a nap. He didn't seem too keen on that idea. I'm surprised he even mentioned it really. Until last summer he would never entertain the idea. Even when I was really pg for Carrie (Sept 7th baby) in the extreme heat. I'll believe we'll be air conditioner users when I see one installed in a window. Or just go out and buy and install one myself! ;o)

Today is suppose to be the last 70+ degree day, this afternoon it's suppose to drop down into the 50s and then we're back into the 40s...brrrrrrrrr! I have to admit I'm looking forward to it a bit as then I won't feel guilty keeping the kids in the house and making them work. Rain would help out too, especially since Tom is on call this week and some overtime would be nice! So I think we'll slack off for most of today and I'll get cracking the whip tonight and/or tomorrow. Of course it's nothing like I'd planned...working for a few days in the begining of the break, getting my room hoed out and starting some sewing. (although I did find a too large flowing knit dress while shopping at the thrift store. I can wear it the house for the summer.) My choices are getting limited!

Well I guess I'll try to do SOME work then go outside for a while.

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