Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Back to the present day

If I'd written this this morning I'd have said it's going well. Now after lunch I'm about to pull my hair out!!! I ate a sub with 2.6oz of mixed meat and cheese slice. Over an hour after I ate my glucose level is 176!!! I haven't been that high in months! The frustrating thing is that I don't have any fast acting insulin to administer to bring the high down. Pretty much all I can think of to do is go exercise and run around. How can I do that when I can't even breath after climbing the stairs!!! Maybe I should go work out in the garden a bit. Think picking up the kitchen would be active enough to do any good?

I feel funny because we didn't really do a "party" for Drew yesterday. He worked so we didn't do a cake or anything. I did meet him and Pat (they ride together) at Applebee's after their classes yesterday. That place is EXPENSIVE!! I'm use to us all being able to stuff our faces for $4 or 5 at the chinese buffet. Oh well it's not often your baby turns 21.

We also went to the Salvation Army Thrift Store as Tuesday is college day. College students with proper ID pay 50% on 3 different ticket colors. I spent over $58 and got a bunch of things, including a Sharp Videocamera that uses fullsize tapes for Drew. Now the question is...does it work? I also about a baby tabletop seat/rocker. It's royal blue and has cookie monster on it. The fabric felt as if it hadn't been used if at all, was still stiff/starchy. The canopy is on backwards but that's just a matter or taking it off and putting it back on again. My guess is that whoever had it didn't realize it was an easy fix. I got a bunch of swimsuits for the girls, along with tank tops and a few pairs of shorts. I didn't get to really look at any other clothes sections. We had to cut the trip short because Pat had to be somewhere at 3. Drew had to get home to change with enough time to get to work by 4:30. I wanted to make Pat bring me back later in the evening. Oh well there'll be quite a few more Tuesdays to take advantage of. Next time I'll have to remember to drag D along with me. She seemed a bit jealous when I mentioned going and the great deals. Of course there's always garage sales starting up too. But I need a CAR!!!

Between the boys having different work schedules, I haven't had the car too many evenings. I've been bugging Tom to get the bus fixed. It would also be nice if we had a second car so I don't have to drive the gas guzzling diesel (which is more expensive instead of cheaper per gallon now!) around. We have one of his brother's minivans sitting in our driveway not getting driven. Either the transmission or the computer is messed up in it. I say if he'll give it to us for the right price it'll be worth getting it fixed...even if it is the transmission. The body is in GREAT condition! It's an 8 passenger (2 more then the Olds) so I can drive it most places...since there are 8 kids who don't drive and I rarely take them all with me. We can then sell Pat the Olds 88 on payments. Granted the kid would rather not be driving the "old people" car and it's not the greatest on gas. But where else is he going to find someone to take his payments every week and give him a by when there's a real reason for it? Not to mention his first 6mos of insurance for FREE! I swear, we are TOO nice sometimes!

Eileen's Hooked on Phonics kits came in the mail today! I don't think I'm as excited as about it as I thought I'd be. I'll contain my disappointment and hopefully Eileen will like it and want to do it on her own. Especially since she'll be the control person over her very own cassette player. I found a working one at the thrift store yesterday! :o)

Poor Tom...he had a horrible headache last night. It brought him out of bed twice because laying down made it worse. I love the guy but he's a baby, especially when it comes to headaches! There are times when I function on a chronic headache for weeks/months at a time (allergy season) He gets a headache and acts like his head is going to explode and he's going to die. I tried to be sympathetic with him, really I did. I was also trying not to giggle. He was walking around with his head tilted a bit down and not turning it...almost like he had a neck injury. I started feeling bad for feeling like I did..what if he really had something wrong with him?!?! I guess my word of the day should be...

COMPASSION...Per Merriam-Webster Online... sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it

Hey I can even start screaming everytime I hear the word mentioned like Pee Wee Herman used to do on his clubhouse show! Where is that Cowboy Curtis anyways! ;o)

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