Monday, April 04, 2005

OK...Where was I?

It's been a while since I gave a true update here. I didn't have a great week last week. I was feeling extremely tired and not well, although I didn't feel sick. On Thursday I felt a lot better and tried to get myself out the door. We were out of a lot of things around here, including toilet paper. A run to the store was a MUST. Luckily D called with the same thought, so off we went. We had a good time shopping and got home between the first and second bus dropoffs. I was feeling crampy and achey when I got home so I decided to lay down for a bit. I went out like a light! It was after 6:30 when I finally woke up enough to get out of bed. Luckily I'd brought home fried haddock for dinner so that was easy enough. I got a lot of work done with the groceries with the kids helping out quite a bit. :o)

The NEXT day!!! UGH!!! I couldn't stand up much less walk. My hips were KILLING me!!! I had to send Val upstairs to get the girls up for school. It made it tough in the morning. Luke's not doing so well with school right now so took "advantage" of me not walking down the hall unless absolutely necessary. Fortunately we did get out the door on time. PHEW!

I had a noon eye dr appt. I had felt I couldn't see very well but couldn't put my finger on exactly why. I feel like I can't see everything I should be seeing but there aren't any blind spots and such. I didn't get a full exam because they don't want to dilate pg ladies eyes (afraid it would cause them to be dizzy and fall). Dilation will have to wait until after I've delivered and am done nursing. It seems my age is catching up with me. I need bifocals! I got notice that they are in the office now, so it's just a matter of going and picking them up. I'm excited to get them. It's scary not seeing well. I couldn't let this go without using it. On the way home (Drew was driving incase I had had my eyes dilated) I called my parent's and got my mom. I asked if it still felt weird to have a daughter that was 40yo? She said yes. I said well how does it feel to have a daughter that's 40 and will be wearing BIFOCALS!?!?! She was ROFL and told me she couldn't wait to tell my father THAT news! LOL

As the day went on my pain let up quite a bit and I was getting around more. I was still pretty tender though. In the morning I realized we didn't have anything major to do this weekend so I called Tom and asked if he wanted to go away this weekend. He agreed, even though it was suppose to be pouring rain. He works with the sewers and when it rains he has to take care of the ones that get flooded or overtaxed with surface water....meaning he'd be getting/working OVERTIME (which he lives for).

Around 6pm we decided it was getting too late to go any distance away and concentrated in the city area. We finally found the place that had a whirlpool in the room for the cheapest rate and booked it for the weekend. It was only about 35miles from the house and 5miles from my parents but no one knew where we were (although they knew the vicinity).

We had a great weekend, even though we didn't go anywhere. LOL Saturday night we decided to go to a mall and walk for a while. We walked for about an hour until everyone started closing down. As we were leaving we went into TGIFridays for dinner and drinks. I ordered an ice tea and Tom got a gin and tonic. I realized I felt really lousy. We decided to order a steak and fried shrimp platter to split and ordered it to go. Before we got our meal I was very uncomfy with cramps and nauseated. When we got to our room I tested my sugar and found out I was a 66....there's one reason why I wasn't feeling so well. I still was crampy on and off for most of the night. I'm going to have to mention's happening whenever I'm on my feet for more then an hour. I also noticed my hands and feet swelled a bit more then usual while walking. I'm SO out of shape!!! Waaaaaaaaaah!

It POURED ALL WEEKEND. Not just rained hard but POURED! I kept seeing Tom looking out the window. I knew it bothered him that he wasn't available to help out at work. That he was missing out on a LOT of overtime and $$. He kept insisting he was ok and he was "dealing with it". I still felt guilty and bad. I asked him if he wanted to call into work and go home. He said no, he'd call when we got home on Sunday and maybe work after that.

Sunday we forgot about daylight savings time hitting. This meant that we were checking out at 12:45 instead of 11:45...oops! Checkout was suppose to be noon. It was lightly sprinkling so the hurry to get to work wasn't there. We went to Burger King for lunch and headed to my parent's for a visit. As soon as we got out of Burger King and into the car I asked...Do you want to call B? (his boss) He said no he'd wait until we got home. As we drove to my parent's I noticed and pointed out areas of was a decent amount. We kept joking about how soon he'd be going in. At one point I jokingly asked if he wanted to check trouble spots? He said yeah and he was going to. I demanded he take me to my parents first. Little did I know that one of the spots was down the street from my parents. As we came around the curve of the road we saw one of his crews in the middle of it working at a manhole. ROFL!!! I gave him permission to stop and talk. (I'm SO nice! lol) After talking to them he didn't wait until he got home to call his boss. He called from my parents and let me know that we wouldn't be visiting. :o( We got home and he left immediately.

On the way home I was a bit upset about all of this. Here I'd just had a great weekend with my husband doing NOTHING but relaxing and I was crying. I felt guilty for taking Tom away from work, and mad because he can't just shut it off and leave it! By the time we got home I felt exhausted and crampy again. Looking at me you'd have thought I'd been working my fingers to the bone all weekend. All I wanted to do was take a nap!!! Now I felt guilty for not having the energy to give the kids what they had been missing and deserved. Luckily things went well, especially since Tom worked all night and through the day today. I hope going to bed at 6pm is enough to rejuvenate him a bit. Luckily it's not raining anymore. I know if it was he'd be planning on going back into work at midnight for another double shift. No one could ever call my man a slouch! :o)

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