Monday, April 11, 2005

Another week flew by

I was either busy or felt like garbage, I can't win. I find myself laying down quite a bit. It bugs me becuase it really isn't me at all. I also find myself on the verge of crying or in tears often, another thing out of the norm.

Val passed her stone Wed night!!! We were all cheering for her when she showed us. You'd have thought she won the lottery. LOL I brought it into the urologist's on Thurs after my OB appt. She'll be going back in to the urologist's in a month. She still needs bloodwork done before then which I think I'll do next week.

My OB appt was a looooong one. Not because of anything to do with me. The dr had an amnio scheduled before me and he was having a really hard time with it for some reason. :o( I hope she was ok. My appt was scheduled for 11:15 and around 1'ish the MW came in and apologized. She said she'd have sent me out to lunch if she'd realized how long it would actually take. I wish she'd had! About 15mins before she came in I realized I was hearing Olivia talk but not responding to her. All I wanted to do was close my eyes. I didn't have my glucometer with me (left it in the car) so just assumed my sugar was low and took a glucose tablet. I felt a bit better after that but was still wiped out. Olivia and I shared a 6inch sub from Subway after the appt (it's across the street from the dr office...I wasn't driving too far without FOOD!)

Anyways, my stats from Thurs were...gained 2lbs and am at 214.5lbs. Nurse got a super low blood pressure reading again 100/70!!! I don't think I've ever seen my pressure that low beside when I'm on the verge of passing out. LOL I told her I had no idea how she was getting those numbers as I rarely get anything under 128/80 at home. I'm going to ask to take it myself if she does it again at my next appt. Maybe I'll even ask the MW to do it too. I'll bring my cuff in also, although this nurse already checked it and agreed it matched the office cuff when I first bought it. I think there was some thought to lower my bloodpressure med. I made it clear that I did NOT want that to happen and that those numbers were not my norms at all! That's all I need is to have to deal with pre-e already. I'm already nervous enough about it starting up in the next few weeks. (It's the one thing that'll land me in bed or the hospital). The main thing about the appt was that I heard the heartbeat just fine and dandy and right on it's regular target. I'm a little more relaxed about things now as I feel the baby move more often as the days go by. This morning before I got up it was thrashing around something fierce. LOL

I'm really looking forward to my next appt on Thursday because I'm having my 20wk u/s!!! YIPPEEEE! I get another peek at my baby. Everyone here is excited and hoping that we'll find out the gender. I want to know what it is but am hesitant about sharing that info. With Luke's pregnancy I had a lot of u/s's and knew what he was, how big he was, his name, what day he would be born...the only thing I didn't know was the time. It was kind of a bummer to be so informed and felt I shared TMI with everyone before his birth. I definitely won't be sharing name choices with too many people. That is if we ever decide on a name!!!! One thing I'm not looking forward to yet, although that will probably change if I definitely know what I'm having.

Friday D and I went grocery shopping AGAIN...seems like it's all we do anymore. LOL I was going to pick up a few things..what a joke! At least it was only one overflowing cartful instead of two like last time. ;o) I was sore but ok when I got home from shopping. I laid down for half an hour and realized I'd made a sciatica decided it was a good time to hit me. I could barely get out of bed much less walk for a while.

Saturday was the worst! I had tons of plans for around here. I haven't been around on a Saturday in a while and I wanted to get everyone back into the swing of doing their jobs really well. It didn't happen. I ran to Target first thing to pick up a bike I had them hold for Luke. It was only $16.78!!! I love Target deals like that! Foolish me didn't think to have them hold the $30 bike that would have been perfect for Liz or Val. Unfortunately it was gone when I got there. I only took Luke with me and we had a good time talking. We talked a bit about school and I finally asked him what his thoughts on being homeschooled were. He said it would be hard for him as he would get distracted. He didn't feel he'd make himself work hard enough to do well and that he'd prefer to go to school. Gotta give the kid credit...he knows himself well and is honest about it. I told him I wouldn't think about homeschooling again unless he changed his mind about it. So that's one less thought I need to have floating around my already cluttered head.

After I got home is when I fell apart. I felt exhausted (think my blood sugar has been a bit wonky) and weepy. I kept crawling into bed to have a good crying fit. If anyone asked me what was wrong I don't think I could have told them. Either that or they'd have wished they never asked because I'd still be ranting about things an hour later. LOL I decided about 10:30pm that I couldn't stay awake any later, sent the littler kids to bed and crawled into bed myself. The older kids were on an adventure to Walmart. They'd all dressed up in their prom gowns (thrift store purchases mostly) with Pat being the only male in his dad's plaid leisure suit jacket. Tom had bought it as a joke with his brother's for a party they were going to...they had all bought similar suits. Everyone kept asking if they were going to a dinner party or something. Poor Jess, her mom was certain that they were up to no good because....NO ONE would wear a formal dress to Walmart without an ulterior motive. I told her to remind her WHO she was going shopping with!!!

Unbeknownst to me when they got home they had themselves a little hair party. The'd bought 2 boxes of hair dye and Michelle did a bunch of their hair. Jess had done Pat's hair black blue earlier in the day. What I didn't realize was that Val had snuck the leftovers and did a really bad job on her hair with it. I was so out of it I hadn't even noticed when they were leaving for Walmart. *blush* So Drew has burgandy hair, B (one of Val's friends staying the weekend) had brown...not sure of the shade, and Val had burgandy with black streaks in her's. It doesn't look that bad really and according to Michelle looks a LOT better then when they left the house. My problem is that she's throwing processes over processes. Her and Michelle just did their hair a month or so ago and it looked really nice. A week or so ago I bought a double pack of Sun-In (hair lightener triggered by heat or the sun). I planned to use it when I was working outside so I could liven up my hair. Val and Michelle used BOTH the bottles over their dye jobs!!! Grrrrr! So now she's dyed over THAT one. I wasn't so nice about letting her know that putting processes over processes was a great idea and she was quite offended that I was upset about it. Tom wondered if I was overreacting because the hair color treatments has changed and gotten more gentler. I let him know I didn't want Valerie to find out the hard way whether it was ok or not! Of course she acted like having her hair turn to straw and breaking off into nubs wouldn't be a big deal. *heavy sigh*

Sunday was a beautiful day! (well Saturday was too I just wasn't into enjoying it too much) We went to church and then spent the afternoon over at the church grounds. We ate lunch with D and then walked to another family's trailer site to sit and talk. It was hard to make me get out of my chair and go back home. I was dreading all the work that would be waiting for me. Much to my livingroom and kitchen were clean!!!! It seems the older girls had cleaned while I was gone so they could have friends over. YIPPEEE! It's so nice to not have that hanging over me anymore!!!

This week I discovered that we're going to need a new pool liner. It seems some ice sliced a corner at about the midway point. Tom wants to try to patch it and see if it'll last another year. I'm fighting to replace it while everything is intact and there's no wall/sand damage done. I'm really afraid of the patch letting go in the middle of the season. Then we'd be out of a pool for quite a while, especially with our water supply being limited. It took FOREVER to fill the pool last year! To me the pool will be one of the most important things to us this summer. I won't be in any condition to take the kids to the beach. I'm also planning on living in it! LOL What better thing for a hot, swollen, achey pregnant woman to be doing but floating around a nice cool pool? I will NOT be a happy camper if that's taken away!!!!

On Sunday we're having a 50th Wedding anniversary for Tom's parents. Tom's older brother joined and rented the American Legion. Last night we had a meeting and planned the food and what it would cost us. I'll having to go shopping for lunchmeat, I'm also making a fruit salad. I know the salad will be a bit pricey but it was my idea and I really wanted to make it (been dying for it actually!). We'd asked Tom's brother if he could look into renting the legion for Michelle's graduation party. When we got home and let everyone know that we were trying to get it, there was an uproar. The place is tiny and there's nothing too much to do there. Michelle wants it here so they can have Drew's band play (not enough room to set up at the legion), go in the pool and on the trampoline. They can also play volleyball and just plain run around. I informed them (Drew, Pat, Michelle, and Val) that it meant they'd probably have to do a lot and most of the work around here to get ready. They were excited at the prospect of painting and decorating. LOL So I guess we're doing it here. I need some energy back NOW!!!! I admit I'd love to be painting around here myself. I'm actually considering starting the livingroom ceiling today. Maybe I'll go into my room and hoe it out instead. Then again, maybe I'll just sit here and think about doing it all until a week or so before party.

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