Sunday, April 24, 2005

And the rest of the day...

I ended up eating one of those donuts between breakfast and lunch. I also munched a bit of microwaved popcorn. Then I got the numbers I expected to see on Friday....150. So maybe things have straightened themselves out. Yeah right!

I ate a really good lunch that filled all my allotments. A sweet sausage sub, meat sauce on the side to dip and I micro'ed a can of spinach for my veggies. My sister brougth Liz home and stopped for a visit. We were talking GD and insulin as she had to deal with it her last pg. (she wasn't too concerned with her diet or numbers though) I finally tested for lunch 1.5hrs after and got a 62. She agreed that was WRONG, so I tried it again and got 80 then 74. I'm using the 74. All I wanted to do was TAKE A NAP! I'm starting to wonder what my sister is thinking of me being pg. I know the house was a mess and I looked like garbage. From things I've heard come out of her girls' mouths I know she thinks I'm crazy and probably stupid. But oh well!

After my sister left I had a apple, 1c of popcorn and 1/3c of cottage cheese. Tested an hour later and it was up to 85...woohooo! We had breakfast for dinner again with Egg sandwiches on english muffins with cheese and sausage. I even had an extra sausage patty. I didn't get any veggies in...I was on the verge of losing it after my sandwich but it only accounts for about 5grams of carbs. So no big deal. I lost track of time getting the kids ready for school and bed and didn't test until 2hrs later. I registered a 78.

Before coming here I decided to make sure I wasn't heading down into an unsafe area and retested. I got a 97, that doesn't seem right...tested again and got a 77. Wow! I used a LOT of strips this weekend and needed a new barrel of them. Maybe the strips are what's giving me these low numbers (even though I'm feeling some of them). So get out a new barrel, change the computer chip and test again...get an 81. NOPE it's all me!

This is driving me crazy! I have no idea why the sudden change. I guess I'll be putting a call into the dr's office in the morning. At least my blood pressure is doing fine at 134/80. I'd be a lot more relieved if this baby was fluttering around a bit more. Let's hope that tomorrow things are turned back around and it'll just merit a mention at my regularly scheduled appt on Tues.

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