Monday, April 04, 2005

Back to reality....

This morning was tough for everyone. That missing hour was really felt! Liz stayed home AGAIN. She claims she was throwing up while I was gone and last night...although I don't recall any mention of it until this morning. She insists she told me last night. She slept most of the morning, actually so did I. *blush* I got all the other kids out the door and while Olivia slept I conked out on the couch. I didn't want to get up at 10:30 but then remembered that Val had a 1pm urologist appt. I managed to convince Olivia that she needed to stay home with Liz so she wasn't alone (lucked out that Liz wasn't interested in going for once). So I went out the door ALONE...drove to school and picked up Val.

Val still has blood in her urine so the urologist agrees that she probably hasn't passed the stone yet. The fact that she gets achey after exertion also points to a stone still being a problem. He did allow her to return to gym class which made her very happy. He mentioned the fact that she only has a stone on one side is a good thing. I asked if it was confirmed that she only had it on the right because she'd complained of pain on the other side a few times since being home from the hospital. He said that CTscan only checks a slice every technically if she has a 2mm stone on the other side too, then it could be missed between the slices. Just have to wait and see if it causes problems. So she's going for some bloodwork to look for clues as to what caused the stone (high calcium levels mostly). She's suppose to hydrate herself (which she's NOT doing!) and still straining. If nothing shows up in a month we have to drop off a urine sample. I guess we're waiting for 6wks to pass before talking about the "next step" we could take. My first instinct is to say...don't do anything but Val says she's not feeling so great even if she's not in pain. Guess that means we have to weigh the options a bit more closely.

We left the dr's appt and met Drew and Pat at the chinese buffet place for lunch. We had a nice time sitting and talking without any little ones to cater to. I told them they are more disgusting to eat with then the little ones though. The topics of conversations were unbelieveable and wouldn't be tolerated at the dinner table. They thought they were funny. Where'd they get THAT sense of humor from??? NOT ME!!! We hit the Salvation Army and Rescue Mission Thrift stores before dumping more money into Walmart.

I found a GREAT snack for me!!! Now if only I can get back to the dollar store and buy more. It's Go Mix Energy Snack Mix...Mixed Berry Crisp YUM!!! Online they are over $1 for a 45gram pouch. At the dollar store they are 6 for $1. :o) They'll be great to carry around when I'm out. It also kills my sweets craving. I just hope they don't run out of them before Drew or I get back there.

Pat asked me to stop by a house and check out a car he wanted to buy. I told him NO WAY! It was a Mazda sports car which looked great on the outside. Unfortunately it'd been for sale for a long time (sign was quite faded making it very difficult to read) and it had a few major things wrong with it. Something with the power steering (couldn't read the whole sentence because of fading), the serpentine belt, rear brakes, thermostat, and something else I can't quite remember. Too much work for how much they were asking and firm about. I know he wants a cool car but the kid has got to be practical...not to mention he also has to GET A JOB!!!! School funds have dwindled to almost nothing and he has all summer to live.

I got home tonight and found out I missed a call from one of Luke's teachers. I've been wanting to call her since Friday but haven't had the time. (BAD TOK MOM!!!) I was hoping she'd call back this evening but didn't. If she doesn't call me in the morning I'll leave a note for her to call me during her lunch. I also want to call and make an appt with Eileen's teacher about her progress. She's really been making a HUGE effort to read on her own around here. I bought her a bunch of books from the thrift store today and she was tickled.

I also missed a callback from the hematology/oncology clinic. I tried to make an appt for Carrie on Friday but the receptionist needed to check to see exactly what tests and procedures she needed so she'd schedule enough time for her. I'll have to call them tomorrow also. I hate when this time of year rolls around. I always start to wonder if Carrie is as healthy as I think she is. This year has been a bit rough for her. She's been complaining of joint and muscle aches that she's never complained about before. Then again going, getting a clean bill of health and getting it over with is a huge relief also.

I have a dr appt on Thurs which is when I'll probably pick up my bifocals. Not having felt so great lately I can't wait to go in and hear the heartbeat again. I can easily convince myself of all these not so great things. I try to put it out of my mind but it keeps popping back in. I think my sugar is creeping up a bit although I haven't been so great in following my diet or testing my sugar on time. Today at Walmart I bought a digital timer so I wouldn't miss the 1hr mark after I eat. These next few days I'll have to be really careful and check it.

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