Tuesday, April 12, 2005

From the looks of things this one is going to fit in here just fine.

The u/s went just fine. The dr started the festivities by giving each of the girls (Carrie, Eileen, and Olivia)their own bottle of goop and telling them to have fun. The first thing we saw was the top of the baby's head. It had a hand on each side of it's head waving them next to it's ears like it was saying...neener neener nee-ner. The dr said..uhoh! You're in trouble! It just gave us the finger! ;o) The dr was great and kept holding the pics so he could explain to the kids what we were looking at. He'd then take 2 or 3 pics, keep one and give the rest to the girls. They thought they were in heaven to have so many pics of their new baby. We got a special pic to give to Drew. It's one of the baby MOONING us! It's an adorable butt only pic...it's got some sweet cheeks already. I told the girls it had a (my maiden name) butt, the poor thing...we're famous for it.

Finally the big question was asked...are we looking down below to see whether to buy pink or blue? I said YES! That's why we're having this party! ;o) After doing some prodding he finally had it...the perfect crotch shot. It looked like the baby was sitting on the transducer. There's no doubt about it....we are having a girl! When he announced what he saw all mayhem broke out, there was dancing, hooting and hollering by all parties in the room. They started to run out to door to tell Drew and Pat who were in the waiting room. As far as they were concerned the appt was OVER! That's what we wanted to know, thankyouverymuch, we're done! LOL

I got put back together, took the girls out into the waiting room so they could show off their pictures and went to empty my bladder. I then went back in to have an uninterrupted conversation with the dr. The placenta is on the fundus which he says is usually a really good thing. The baby measurements put my sonogram date at Sept 4th which is close enough for my dr so we're not changing anything. We upped my insulin by 2pts on both doses. I figured that because the numbers were slowly creeping up. I gained 3lbs in 5 days. :o( The nurse finally got a realistic blood pressure reading on me...124/78. Which is what I'd been getting at home today. I had brought my cuff with me so she could try to get a really low reading with it too. I didn't bother getting it out.

Kathy, I never really have an inkling what my babies are so don't try guessing. I also had no strong preference one way or the other. Although I will admit that it's certainly more fun to buy clothes for girls then boys. LOL I already have a few definite girly things (they were too cute! I couldn't pass them up for only $.50 each at the thrift store) I found out that the kids at home were taking bets on what it was while I was gone. I guess most of them guessed girl. Luke was one of the few who openly seemed disappointed. So much so that I had to stop and give him a HUGE hug before going into the house.

So it looks like it's going to be 7 girls and 4 boys.


Kathy said...

Congrats Kim, that is wonderful news. I'm so glad that everything looked so well with your little guy. Is that considered a level 2 u/s you had? Here over 35 they send you off to the big university hospital for a level 2 with the perinatologist.

Girls are wonderful, as you obviously know.lol.

Congrats again!!!

Paula said...

Congrats, Kim! She's a lucky little girl to be coming into your family!