Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Now I'm starting to wonder....

I'm wondering if all this hullabaloo was because of the insulin. I've start a new vial Sunday night and things seem to be slowly going back to where they should be. It just seems unlikely as I get my insulin in a box with 5 Innolet/pens in it. It's the 4th pen of the box and they're all from the same lot. It's not like it was administering it wrong because the pen lasted the amount of time it should have...about 6 days.

I've decided to start my Numbers and Boring Details section of my blog again. It was too hard and took too long to figure out what numbers fit into what meal and detail this weekend...especially when I don't feel well. I'm hoping that if I keep it up I can just print it out if I need to give the dr details again.

Today we now have another legal adult in the house. Drew turns 21 today. It's mindboggling! I could never imagine to be at this point in my life, much less to image all the experiences there would be between his birth and now. I'll do a birth story post separately.

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