Friday, May 14, 2010

Crunch time

We're almost ready! I couldn't quite finish my shopping last night so today's list is a bit longer then I wanted it to be. The problem wasn't lack of time or trying (although I was exhausted by the time we got home). It was lack of space...the car (and our laps) couldn't hold another stinkin thing!

Last night wasn't all work and no play. Tom, who hates shopping with a passion decided he'd go with me and Eileen...who was going with me so she could look for shoes. He kept joking to Eileen that he was being so annoying (in a nerdy way), that mom would never want him to go along again. I told him he wasn't getting off the hook that easily! That I'd gladly have him go whenever he wanted. Pretty sad when that's the staple of our alone

On the way to Aldi's I realized that we couldn't go there due to lack of funds (payday is today and they don't take credit cards). So I took the time to finally get my eyebrows waxed! I've been wanting to do it for a while. I've asked the girls to do it but the time never came around. Then Michelle had a coupon for supercuts and a plan was formed. I was going to get them done Sunday, no Monday, ok maybe Tuesday. I had just given up on the idea all together when the window opened. So my mini caveman look is now a thing of the past...for this week at least. lol We also took about 45mins and went to the Chinese buffet. YUM! I hadn't been there in a while. I did notice though that they've cut back on quite a few of their main selections. Probably how they could offer it for rock bottom price. No crablegs so I had to opt for the steamed teeny clams and cooked shrimp. Poor me! ;o)

Tom saw how tired I was at our last stop and said he was driving home. I think he really offered to do it because he was sick of grabbing at the dashboard and putting on his imaginary brakes. (I do the same when he's driving). We had a torrential downpour on the way home. I kept thinking Tom was going to pull over to wait it out a few times but he didn't. I don't think I'd have done so well, especially since I dozed off a few times. The kids were all up (except Danielle and Sean) and helped empty the car. I sat on the kitchen floor and attempted to jam everything into the fridge. We ended up using one cooler (luckily there was a bag of ice in the freezer) and I had to sacrifice a few condiments but we did it...just don't open the fridge door please.

Michelle is my super organizer and it's nice that she's using her talents to my benefit. Yesterday she went off my master list of what we're serving and what type of bowl/basket/tray and serving utensils we'll need and started packing boxes. Her and Liz labeled each thing with what it's used for and put it in a box for a specific area. So anyone can take the chocolate fountain box and they'll be able to set it up without asking me any questions. We'll try to do the same with the food, although I think we need more boxes for that.

So today on my todo list is...

Quick run to the store for the rest of my list
Iron the men's shirts (gotta get rid of the packing creases)
Finish tying the silverware
Pack the boxes
Pack the van
Cook bacon
Make kabobs
Clean the house...reason I let the kids stay home from school lol

My main problem is not giving in to the "you don't have enough" worry. There is a LOT of food, if we run out they can eat something else. If anyone goes hungry, it's their fault. *repeats over and over again*

Well my coffee is almost gone and the list isn't going to get itself done. Not sure if I'll get in here before we leave tomorrow. If not, then I'll hopefully have a lot of pictures to share next time I'm here....and a new daughter!

Oh bummer! Our out of town guest just called....he's not coming. There's going to be some disappointed little ones here.

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