Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Down to the nitty gritty

It's go time for the wedding. Less then four three days to go. (started this post last night) Yesterday (Monday) Michelle and I left early in the afternoon and went the looooong way to work, like the opposite direction long. lol We stopped at a few stores and I put in some orders to be picked up first thing Saturday morning. So we'll have a few stops on the way to the reception hall. I took Michelle to work, picked up my dad and made a few more stops. I think I've gotten all the tableware I need. I'll probably inventory and rethink one more time. We're talking about starting to pack the van since there's a lot of stuff and I don't have any room for it.

The girls spent yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon tying the "silver" ware together and putting them into our picnic basket...until we ran out of ribbon (oh rats! forgot to buy more last night). I think it's going to be a nice touch. They also finished up dewaxing the 54 votive holders I'd bought at the thrift store.

I spent most of yesterday afternoon checking prices of things...mostly cheese. I LOOOOOVE cheese so it's hard for me to pick a few to put out on the cheese trays. While out last week we had a cheese monger offer us a taste of an aged gouda. OMGoodness!!! Who needs crackers when you have this cheese! Val and I were addicted, until I saw the $15.98/lb price tag. Then it changed to slightly addicted. I decided to splurge and bought a tiny wedge (considering it my mother's day present lol)...we're still rationing it. YUM!

I had a small panic moment last night. I thought I'd lost my list. I'm always making lists, and losing them. This one though is one I NEED to keep, it's my master shopping list. Everything I need to buy divided up by stores. Luckily I found it when I got home from dropping Michelle off at work, price matching and picking a few things up. Every time I come home loaded down with grocery bags the kids start to look for something to eat/munch. They're getting pretty bummed that there's nothing for them, it's for the wedding. I'll have to try to pick up something for them today.

With me being gone most nights things are falling apart around here a bit. Although I have to thank Liz, she's picked up the slack quite a bit since she's been home. Still it would be nice if I could walk in the door before 10 and not find them eating dinner. Or looking for some. (they manage to snack between school and dinner they aren't starving)

Today Michelle is going into work early. I think I'll stop at the dollar store and get some more serving dishes/trays/baskets and liners. Then onto Walmart to grab soda and water. Maybe I'll even get in a run to the Salvation Army since it's Wed and family day with a lot of ticket colors half off (although I'm not sure if bric brac is included in that). Hopefully Tom will leave early to pick up Michelle and get the beer. Tonight I have to figure out if anyone needs anything else for their outfits. I think Luke and Jake could do with belts and new socks.

Tomorrow is my major shopping day minus the really perishable stuff. Friday will be shopping for the loose ends, packing the van and making up kabobs. Everything else is waiting until Saturday morning/afternoon.

The plan for Saturday is to leave here at 8:30am. Stop at 2 stores to pick up the last minute things...getting to the reception hall at 10 which gives me 6hrs until the ceremony. Easy peasy! lol

Ok...time to put on my chauffeur cap, grab my wallet and head out the door.


NannyOgg said...

Good luck getting everything ready!


Denise said...

You are doing GREAT!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you that everything falls into place smoothly on Saturday!