Monday, May 03, 2010

Busy weekend

Wow! Has it really been a week since I got something up here? BAD BLOGGER! It hasn't been because I haven't had anything to say either, just no time. Last weekend was 2 bridal showers...Allison's in the afternoon, a young lady from church in the evening. Both of them were nice in their own way. The church one was very encouraging and uplifting.

I had to work at the dome. This time it was a concession stand at a rap concert. We ran into quite a few problems at the stand and with our supplies but we worked through them. Let's just say that it's a lot different serving the stoned concert crowd over the drunk sports event crowd. I got home shortly after 1am. To say I was bit tired and stiff on Saturday is an understatement. I felt like I was moving in slow motion all day. Luckily I didn't have too much that I HAD to do that day. I was certainly glad I decided to do Allison's bridal shower on Sunday instead of Saturday though.

On Sunday we threw a shower for Allison. I'd rented an enclosed shelter at a local state park. The original guest list wouldn't fit into the house very well. Unfortunately there's a lot going on right now so the attendees were a lot fewer. We could've fit into the house fine. Oh well. It was a lovely place and it was COOL in there which is a good thing on a hot and humid house wouldn't have been. Besides I didn't have to clean or kick the guys out of the house! lol

We were having a meat tray for sandwiches. I'd decided to cook a roast as a practice run for the wedding. I'm glad I did. Most roast recipes call for 15 or 20 mins per pound. Cooking a 20lb roast meant it would be done in 5 (300 mins) or 6.5hrs (400 mins). I threw the roast in at 6:20pm and kept checking it. I used a meat thermometer which stayed at 120 for a long time. I was not happy when at the 10:30 check it read 150! I'd wanted it to be between 130 and 140 tops (medium rare). There was a tiny trace of pinkness in the center. I realized as I sliced it up that the slices were too thick for sandwiches (would've been fine for a entree though...just too well done for my taste. So I bagged up all the meat ($50 worth) and put it into the freezer for our future use. Then when I ran to Walmart the next morning I bought a few pounds of roast beef from the deli. So I have to lower the temp and watch the roasts a lot closer after we hit the 10min/pound timeframe.

I also roasted 2 turkey breasts for the tray. I deboned them immediately after cooking and threw them into the fridge. Then I sliced them up the next day which kept the slices from drying out. It came out wonderfully! There's nothing like real roasted turkey for a sandwich. YUM! We also put out a huge mixed green salad, deviled eggs, slices of watermelon and cantaloupe, and chips. I ended up sending Allison home with a care package for their new apartment. They are officially into their new place!

Things aren't stopping anytime soon either. Tonight I have a meeting for the church grill/snack bar so we can work out the logistics of that. Then it's onto scheduling for the conference this weekend. (note to self...remember to sign up to actually work a shift or two! lol)

Tuesday Val and I are spending the evening with my parents. Of course I can't run into the city without running a few errands it's not all fun. I'm hoping to figure out and/or buy supplies for the wedding. My sister is coming over Wednesday morning to bring me her chocolate fountain. The rest of the week will be spent trying to get this place back in order and getting ready for the conference this grocery shopping, laundry and whatnot. I also have to do some ordering for the wedding which is in less then two weeks! EEEK! Oh yeah, Luke and Jake need to go shopping for some clothes and it wouldn't hurt for me to find something to wear either.

Now it's time to run Michelle to work.

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