Sunday, May 16, 2010

Where to begin?

There is so much swirling through my mind that I don't even know where to begin. Let's just say that yesterday was a thrilling, beautiful, exhausting day. I don't have any pictures yet. Everyone (except Sean) is still sleeping and I have no idea who had and where my camera is right now. Michelle was the "official" wedding photographer so I can't wait to see her photos. She's one of my artistic ones and really has an eye for those things, I'm sure they'll be great. I'm hoping one of the pictures I asked her to take comes out well since I'd like to use it as a gift for an upcoming birthday.

The bride was beautiful and glowing. The groom was quite handsome with just the right amount of nervous and very tender. I was giggling to myself because I wondered if Allison's hands were getting chapped with Drew caressing them so much during the ceremony.

The food was good if I do say so myself. There were some negatives that occurred and hopefully most of them stayed in the kitchen. I'm trying not to dwell on that part of the day. Let's just say I learned some things. (like crockpots are too hot to hold melted chocolate well...I knew I should've tested it first!) My dad and sister ended up working their fannies off with me...along with my sister's husband and brother. It was fun being in the kitchen with them.

Before we started getting ready yesterday I was heard saying...I wouldn't do this (cater an event) for a side job/pocket money. It would have to be an all or nothing either have a catering business or not. This morning though...I'm rethinking that and whether a business would be feasible. With my sister out of work...hmmm. Then the grandiose thoughts come in. When thinking the setup I'd want, it's mega truck with working kitchen, warming boxes and lots of refrigeration so I don't have to unpack everything immediately after working. One that I could use for a traveling lunch/dinner. Then I get out of my chair for something and I think...ugh! ooch! ouch! I'm no spring chicken anymore.

And now it's nighttime. I've gone to a baby shower for my nephew's wife and taken Allison back to her and Drew's apartment. My house is a MESS with boxes and boxes of stuff laying around. I have it on ignore right now. I'm sure it'll be waiting for me tomorrow. I haven't decided if I'm returning unopened packages of plastic ware or not. I guess I'll have to more it soon or someone will turn the package into an opened one (if they haven't already). Right now I'm leaning on keeping it for summer use.

I was hoping to share pictures tonight but I can't keep my eyes opened to do the work for it. So hopefully I'll get to it tomorrow.

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