Thursday, May 20, 2010

Where is my brain?

OK, granted I have a major headache right now but really. How does a mom forget to wake up their kid for school? Cause that's what I did just now. I was busy here and doing things with Sean. Got up to get him a bowl of cereal and! I can't believe Danielle is still asleep and looked at the clock. I was then shocked to see it was only 8:30! I had to double check to make sure I was right and then it was...oh crap! I never woke up Olivia for school, the bus will be here in minutes! Oh well, I guess Olivia gets a day off because I am NOT going to stress her out and make her try to make the bus and my head hurts too much to drive her to school right now. It wouldn't be so bad if she hadn't already missed so much school.

It's not the only time I flaked out this week. I forgot I was invited to Della's on Tuesday night until about an hour after I was suppose to be there. Last night I forgot the kids had cleaning at church and there was a meeting for married sisters. Well I remembered the married sisters meeting at about the time it was due to start. But in my defense...I was locked in my room, having a MUCH needed cuddle with my husband (and I mean get your minds out of the gutter!) Then Tom was out the door to get Michelle from work and the kids were freaking out and clamoring for me because I was inaccessible for more then 2 minutes.

Hopefully I can keep my head about me the rest of the day. Right now Danielle and Sean are dressed and waiting to go outside with Olivia. When Olivia found out what I'd done, her response was...Thank you. lol Val's friend Brittany is here, they have big plans with Michelle before she has to go to work. (maybe I'll luck out and they'll take Michelle to work today for me!)

I have a ton of wedding pictures to share! Michelle took 859 of them. The problem is trying to decide which ones. Plus they are on the other computer that the kids use. So finding time to get over there and doing it can be hard at times.

My house is a mess still. I have 5 boxes in the van and car to take care of still. And in true shut down form, I took crochet hook in hand and started creating. Well this screen isn't helping my head so this will be short (for me lol)

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