Friday, May 21, 2010

Wedding...the cast of characters

One glowing bride and her bridesmaids

Allison with bestfriend from college Angie on the left and maid of honor and best friend forever Ashley on the right. (Ashley made the cake shown in the last post)

One handsome groom and his guys

Cousin Joey on the left, brother and best man Pat on the right.

Luke and Jake

My older girls

Val, Michelle, Liz and Carrie

Eileen and Olivia

She was dressed in a really cute dress but didn't quite make it to the bathroom in time shortly after the ceremony. In her defense, the bathrooms were quite a long distance from the reception hall.

Funny story...The next day Della told me that someone made a comment that I probably had so much on my mind that I forgot shoes for Sean. Then Sean walked in with only socks on! The truth...he had TWO pairs of sneaks there!!! One pair was plain white with glitter laces that used to be Danielle's...the kids refused to put them on him in his finest. The other were his white and blue sneaks that I threw in the back window of the car before we left. No one could find them. My BIL Ed found them in the back of the van when we were packing up the van to leave. Hey at least he had matching socks on. The fact that they were the proper colored socks was a bonus.

The handsome father of the groom (I was so enamored with him that I followed him home!)

Me, Tom, my mom and my dad

Sorely missed...My MIL, FIL and Billy :o(

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Denise said...

What beautiful girls and handsome men you have in your family!!!

I love the pinks of the bride & brides maid/maid of honor.