Saturday, May 08, 2010

Is it June yet:?

No, I don't really wish it was June. At least not most of the time. I want to live through the next week or so. I just want someone to do the work that I need to do in order to enjoy it. lol I've hardly been home all week and I don't see that changing next week. There's a ton to do...ordering, planning, shopping, planning, packing, planning. The ONLY reason why I want this wedding to be over (well besides that Drew and Allison will finally be married) is so my brain can slow down a bit. The rest of the month is pretty much no that I'm only attending and a soccer tournament and feast.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy doing this type of thing. I just didn't expect it to be all consuming in my brain like it is. What's going to be on the chocolate bar? How will it be presented? What dishes/trays will I use to put it out? When and where should I buy it? (you can't buy everything on Friday! Or can I?) And on and on and on.... I think it's mostly that I have to bring EVERYTHING with me. There's no running into the house, rummaging through the cupboards or drawers for a useable utensil or platter like I do at graduation parties. If it's not's not there!

On a good note, Sean's temperament has changed immensely. He's been a bit harsh and negative lately...especially to Danielle. He can be brutal to her. But since about 2am Wednesday morning, he's been looking like this....

and this....

The reason....


His reaction and change in demeanor has really surprised me. He's happier and calmer. He just melts in Liz's arms whenever he can. I picked up Liz from the airport just after midnight Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. She woke up the kids to say hi when she got here. She picked up Sean who took a second to figure out who had him. Then a HUGE contented smile came across his face, he threw his arms open and wrapped them around her neck and stayed there...not saying anything...just hugging her for a long time. The smile didn't leave his face for almost 3 days.

I had more to share but right now I'm suppose to be getting ready for the day. We're heading to church. It's the May conference with lots of encouragement, fellowship, fun, and exhaustion. It's looking to be miserable out with rain, winds in excess of 50+ mph and snow tonight, so it'll be a challenge keeping Sean and Danielle warm and dry. Guess I better pack a few changes of clothes and shoes for the day.

Hope everyone's weekend is great.


Lisa said...

I'm tired just reading it. Good Luck and great that Liz is home.

~Tammy~ said...

Welcome Home, Liz!
Take a deep breath, Kim. Blow it out... then charge back in full tilt!