Friday, December 17, 2004

3 stores and 7 hrs later....

I have put a bigger dent into my christmas shopping list. YEAH!!! If I don't finish before then, I should finish on Monday. Tom has the day off and we have our annual Christmas shopping date. Hopefully it'll be quick and we can just enjoy the time together and having lunch. I find myself falling into...that doesn't look like very much...I think I need to buy more for X. I've decided that I won't go any further and just deal with the chips as they may fall on Christmas morning. I usually make sure everything is really fair either in money (for the older kids) or in number of presents (for the little ones). So this may be interesting. Olivia doesn't have too much yet (might hit the toy store on Monday) but I think she'd be happy to open all the family DVDs I have.

I hit ebay again and now have Liz's present bought. Whether it gets here or not is another story (it hasn't been shipped out yet) At least she's old enough to understand and be patient.

We went to EBgames, Big Lots and Walmart. I was ticked when the alarm went off as we were leaving the store and they had us wait like we'd done something wrong. I spent a LOT of money, was exhausted (was after 1am), my feet were swollen and then I have to deal with that!?!?! NOT RIGHT! To top it off we had quite the car packing experience in the middle of the blowing icy snow. I'm happy to report that my record of never having to leave a package or kid behind is still intact! :o) Liz did her best to whine for all of us the whole time. I KNEW Liz wouldn't get up for school, no matter what she kept saying...I was right.

So now my list looks like....

Saturday for youth girl's party...bought a small thing, need to get more
Snack for party and something for breakfast (they're spending the night)

Church presents...2 families already taken care of, need....
9 family presents...ornament and cookie tray probably
4 single men presents...chocolates or such
2 single women....personal things probably
Rolls for 100 people
Nice Dessert
Snack for evening Couples get together

For school...
Boy present for Jake
Girl present for Carrie
Class present for Eileen
Snacks for each class including Liz

Presents for Christmas Eve (Tom's family)...already have 17 presents, need...
12 nieces/grandnieces presents...found something for most in my closet for most I might use.
8 nephew/grandnephew presents
1 couple present (nephew)
FIL...bought a few small things, not done
MIL...have something from thrift store, not done
2 single brothers...have a few small things, not done
Not sure if we're doing married sibs or not....bought for SIL "D"
EATS for the party!

My Parent's house on Christmas afternoon...
Sister's 3 girls...bought fleece, need to make blankets, need one 2nd present
Brother's Daughter...need to make her blanket
My dad...bought a few small things, not done
My mom
My Brother
My Sister
I have to make my nephew's blanket

Need to make blankets for Jess and Allison
Need to buy one more combo thing for Luke and Jake
Need to hit the dollar store for wrapping supplies, stocking stuffers and filler

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