Thursday, December 16, 2004

Checking my list

I finally inventoried my closet and was surprised. It's the opposite of how it usually is. The boys have lots of things, the girls hardly anything. I usually find more clearance things for the girls throughout the year but I haven't been shopping too much (in the name of saving money). We have tons of barbies so I've held back on buying them when they are really cheap. As of now Eileen only has TWO things on her list...both of which I bought at the thrift store. LOL Her main thing is going to be a leap pad that I bought for $3. It didn't have any books with it. I've bought 5 books so far on ebay and on clearance. So actually I could make it so she has 7 things. :o) The only good thing about Eileen and Olivia being low on presents are...they are EASY to buy for! The main problem is getting to the store and doing the buying.

I was pleasantly surprised when I found something in the bottom of a bag that I'd forgotten about. It was what Drew had told me Allison could use. So she's done!! Yeah! Pat mentioned that Jess would like a carebear fleece so that's a thought. I found 50x60 in fleece blankets for $4 at The Christmas Shop. Figuring I'm paying over $6 a yard (60in wide) I'll consider it a deal. I'll use them to back any quilts or fleece blankets I make. If I don't get to it...then they'll just get the blankets (think I bought 5 of them) LOL

So stress has been averted for the time being. I did accomplish something last night while shopping. Although I see a few more shopping trips in my future. I'm thinking of running out tonight after dinner or as they kids go to bed (what did we do before stores stayed open 24hrs?) Today I'm hoping to work in the kitchen and get some dough made. I don't really have any airtight containers to keep the cookies in so don't want to make them too far ahead of time. I figure if I mix up the dough and have it in the fridge, then Saturday I can bake up a bunch. Guess my oven will be busy between cooking those, the rolls and dessert for Sunday. I forgot that we might have an adults get together Sunday night so I may have to add, fixing a dish for that to my list. Until I know for sure though, it looks like this....

Snack for Liz for school

Saturday for youth girl's party...bought a small thing, need to get more
Snack for party and something for breakfast (they're spending the night)

Church presents...2 families already taken care of, need....
9 family presents...ornament and cookie tray probably
4 single men presents...chocolates or such
2 single women....personal things probably
Rolls for 100 people
Nice Dessert

For school...
Boy present for Jake
Girl present for Carrie
Class present for Eileen
Snacks for each class including Liz

Presents for Christmas Eve (Tom's family)...already have 17 presents, need...
12 nieces/grandnieces presents...found something for most in my closet for most I might use.
8 nephew/grandnephew presents
1 couple present (nephew)
FIL...bought a few small things, not done
2 single brothers
Not sure if we're doing married sibs or not
EATS for the party!

My Parent's house on Christmas afternoon...
Sister's 3 girls
Brother's Daughter
My dad...bought a few small things, not done
Not sure if we're buying for my brother and sister
I have to make my nephew's blanket and may be making quilts/blankets for the others

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