Monday, December 20, 2004


We are like most of the country, griped in a artic freeze. In the morning they are expecting REALLY cold windchill temps. I'm hoping it means at least a delay in school. It'd be great if it was cancelled all together. I'm always looking for a snowday!

Yesterday went well although my house at the moment doesn't look like we spent all day working on it. It's stuff that can be cleaned quickly with a group pickup effort. I made Liz's snack for her girl's party/sleepover at church. Then I took Luke on down to the dollarstore to go shopping for Christmas. The kids begged to do secret santas again this year. As a twist we decided that everyone would pick TWO names to buy for. I put the limit at 1 present each. I also let them pick which cousins they wanted to buy a special gift for. No one in their age group/gender were left without though. We have almost all of them covered. :o) I was laughing at myself becuase I was throwing of each color of something I thought was cool. Or 3 of these, 3 of that (3 seems to be my self imposed buying limit when I need one). Tonight I went through and figured out which of my neices and nephews would get what. I did pretty good! Out of 42 "kids" to buy for (some aren't kids anymore!) I only have the newest addition...D's baby to buy for. I just forgot to grab something special for him.

After the dollar store we ran to Save-a-Lot. The cashier was amazed at all the stuff I bought and asked if I was stocking up for the month. I told her, no it was only the week. I let her know I only had half my kids with me and that in a few days they'd all be whining that there was noting to eat. She informed me that that was a kid's JOB! LOL

I was putting bags in my room and came across Olivia sitting on my bed wrapping the gifts she'd just bought. We'd only been home about 2 mins literally. I really have to put her to work on my pile. She doesn't do too bad of a job either.

I made dessert for the Christmas feast and worked on the rolls at the same time. It only took a few hours and it went quickly. (made about 180 of them) At first I felt like I was behind in the shaping of the bread so stopped the dough making at 4 batches. I wish I'd finished the other 2. It would have saved me over an hour of rising time after all the first rolls were made. A lot of people liked them.

I never did get any baking for presents done so I ran into my room and grabbed boxes of chocolate fortune cookies I'd bought, taped the ornaments on them and tagged them. I started having Val wrap things this AM but Tom grabbed the wrong bag for her to do and she ended up wrapping candy for their stockings. oops! She wasn't happy when she found out. As we were leaving to go to church Carrie fell down the porch stairs pretty hard. I thought we were headed to the ER to have a foot x-rayed. She had dropped a small (luckily!) tray of desserts (sugar cookie tarts with cherry pie filling) and had cherry pie filling from the top of her hair down to her soles. We had to find her new clothes and a coat. Luckily everyone mingled for a while so we didn't miss anything by being late.

I never went to the adult get together tonight. It was too cold and had been snowing quite a bit. I didn't feel like driving in it by myself. I also never got a cup of coffee and have a bit of a caffeine headache.

I feel like I have a little more breathing room now that the Christmas feast is over. This week I hope to finish shopping tomorrow, start serious wrapping tomorrow night, work on blankets on Tues, baking and cleaning on Wed and Thurs. Hopefully it'll follow the plan somewhat and I'm not trying to do it all on Friday!

So now my list looks like....

Finish shopping!!!

Make blankets
Take Val and Michelle shopping

For school...
Boy present for Jake
Girl present for Carrie
Class present for Eileen
Boy present for Luke
Snacks for each class including Liz

Presents for Christmas Eve (Tom's family)...already have 39 presents, need...
ONE nephew present
1 couple present (nephew)
FIL...bought a few small things, not done
MIL...have something from thrift store, not done
2 single brothers...have a few small things, not done
Not sure if we're doing married sibs or not....bought for SIL "D"
EATS for the party!

My Parent's house on Christmas afternoon...
Sister's 3 girls...bought fleece, need to make blankets, need one 2nd present
Brother's Daughter...need to make her blanket
My dad...bought a few small things, not done
My mom
My Brother
My Sister
I have to make my nephew's blanket

Need to make blankets for Jess and Allison
Need to buy one more combo thing for Luke and Jake
Need to hit the dollar store for wrapping supplies, stocking stuffers and filler

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