Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Seems I forgot a two important things when planning out things this week. School Christmas concerts! UGH! One was last night so Tom and I were a little pressed for time. I was so excited that we could just take our time and shop. It seems everytime I go to the store I'm working against a deadline!! Why don't people just stop doing stuff so I can do what I want!?!?! We had lunch at noon at Pizza Hut's lunch buffet. I had a buy one get one free coupon. :o) Tom was laughing when I pulled out the money to pay for it. He said...I haven't been on a date in a looong time, much less have someone else PAY for it! LOL

We did manage to finish ALL the shopping!!!! Woohooo! Even Tom finished up his family which is a miracle. He's usually running out the day before to figure things out. He's weird to shop for. I'm at the point where if I have an idea....I just get it and say I'm done! He's not used to spending money and doesn't really care to. (although he's not miserly) So when we were looking for something that cost $10 for his dad he was balking, saying he could look for it at the thrift store. I told him to GRAB it and it's a little too late to depend on the thrift store for things. Of course his dad not wanting anyone to spend money on him also plays a part in it. The amount of time we had was just long enough for Tom. He hates crowds and stores. He's used to working outside and always dresses too warm to shop and gets uncomfortable too. I could see that he was getting impatient near the end. Seeing the hours he had to work to earn the money that was flying out of his pocket might have played a factor in it too. Poor guy!!!

We stopped at the grocery store and grabbed some fried haddock for dinner. YUM!!!! We haven't had it in so long but it was delicious! We even have leftovers for my lunch. I always think of fried seafood as being expensive but it cost us less for 6lbs of fish and rolls then it does for 100 chicken wings. The fish sandwiches are much more filling too. So much for buying SO much food on Saturday. We ended up grabbing more things while waiting for the fish to be fried. I've been wanting a turkey. We only had one before Thanksgiving and none after because we ate at my parent's house. So now we have the fixings for a turkey dinner, which may be eaten tonight.

I didn't start wrapping last night like I thought I would but that's ok. I was checking my email when I awoke with a start....I was falling out of my computer chair. So I went to bed at 11:30 instead of staying up wrapping. I'll put a dent into it tonight. If not, maybe I'll lock Allison into a room to do it for me. LOL I am happy to report that all school presents are now wrapped and on their way to school. Now to just worry about snacks for everyone to bring. Problem is...I never wrote down who's class is when and I'm not sure what day they're suppose to bring things in. Oh well, I think if I send it all in tomorrow I'll be ok...except maybe with Eileen who's opening their presents to the class today...not sure if they're having their party too. Oh well, I'm sure the kids will survive without my delicious cookies.

So today is doing some cleaning, working on the blankets and taking Liz, Val and Michelle out to finish up their shopping. Should be a quick trip to the dollar store and maybe Walmart. I'll pick up food for BIL's house. That is IF I can figure out WHAT I'm going to bring!!!!! I know I'm bringing salad but Tom will pick up that stuff on Thurs so it doesn't get all soggy sitting in the fridge. Just have to think of an entree to bring. If no one is bringing a ham it'll be that. Otherwise I'll have to rack my brains! (kids are pushing for a sidedish of pasta salad)

So now my schedule looks like this....

Snacks for school for 5 kids
Work on blankets
Go shopping with Liz, Val and Michelle

Finish blankets
Christmas Concert
Volleyball Game

Finish up anything that needs to be done

Finish up anything that didn't get finished on Thurs
Make food for BIL's house
BIL's house
Set up our house afterwards

Go to my parent's house in the afternoon


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