Thursday, December 09, 2004

Busy with little to report

I've been really busy lately but not sure what I've accomplished. Definitely nothing worth running here and announcing.

Val played in her first volleyball game on Tues and hopefully will be playing tonight. They lost Tues game but it's ok because the team they played is first in the league and almost went to states last year.

Drew and Pat are finishing up classes this week and next. Then they'll be home all day long. Think I might be able to get them to do some work around here??? We'll see.

I've accomplished the undoable! I cleaned off the corner of my kitchen counter! It was stacked with tons of rarely used things and I finally got sick of looking at it. Let's just say that there are a lot more trash bags ready for the dump this week. I get to the point that I just start ditching things. You'd think with all the bags down there that there'd be nothing left up here...but it's not true. There's still a huge mess on my floors. Laundry pile is at it's smallest in a while too with the washer going as we speak. If I keep at it I might even finish the main stuff tonight!!!! Bedding and outerwear tomorrow.

I need to work on some Christmas presents. I'm not stressing about it right now because there are a whole 2.5wks left! I feel like I have more done this year then most...especially compared to last year when we had lice, strep, and the flu between Mid Nov and the weekend before Christmas.

Things I'm hoping to work on this weekend is...Needle tatting some ornaments for church family presents, to give them at our Christmas Feast on the 18th. The problem with this project is that I either have my needle and thread or the instructions and thread. Right now the needle is bound to turn up seeing as I misplaced the instructions last night when I removed them from their plastic sleeve to scan them for an online friend!!!! (didn't even get them scanned!) I also want to do some baking for cookie trays for them also.

I need to get the no sew fleece blanket done for my nephew and start a plain block quilt for his sister. I might also make her a princess costume too. Not sure what I'm doing for my sister's 3 girls. Maybe no sew blankets and a small gift. Hmmmm....maybe I do need to start stressing! LOL

Shoppingwise I don't feel very behind. That might change once I start looking at everything all together. Then again I always feel like I need to buy more. One of the trappings of Christmas. I talked to Tom tonight and I think I'll be ordering a new computer! Woooohooooo! We're using a 926mhz with 64mb of Ram. I think I'm getting a 2.6ghz with 512mb of Ram! VaavaaaVoooom! We could use 2 computers anyways (well 3 with Drew's but he keeps it mostly to himself). We're considering getting DSL too, although I'm not entirely sure if we live in the service area yet. I'd pay the same I am now but we'd be down to one phone which I'm mulling over. Kids often use the computer phone line for personal calls.

LOL For having little to report I've managed to go on and on. If I could only transfer some of the writing energy into working energy. We'd all benefit here. Gee, I'm starting to sound like a parent in my head....if you worked as hard as you talked, this place would be spotless! Wonder where THAT came from?!?

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