Friday, December 24, 2004

Early morning musings

I'm happy to report that things are moving along nicely! I'm at this unheard of hour because I went to bed early again last night. LOL I grabbed a few kids and laid down with them for a few minutes at about 9:30 or 10pm. I knew I wouldn't get back up again but figured it was ok. Going to bed early leaves means I get up early. So here I am! I originally got up at 3:30, puttered around, made a grocery list, threw in laundry, and ate a bowl of veggies and vinegarette.

After updating yesterday I got to work on another blanket. By the time I was almost done Drew and Pat were ready to go shopping. Drew was nice enough to think of taking Olivia out with them. It was good for her to get out and gave me a huge hunk of time to do things without her knowing. So instead of working on the rest of the blankets...I wrapped. I wrapped from noon until 3 when the first trip kids got off the bus. I only have about a grocery bag full of dollar store filler to do!!!!! Woohooo! After the kids got home we started working on the stuff for BIL's house. I'm hoping to finish ALL of it up after I get off here. :oD

I'd been so busy I kept putting off grabbing something to eat, I know not good. So by the time everyone was home I was STARVING!!! I threw some hotdogs on the griddle and Carrie cooked them. I'm not a hotdog fan but they were good! (sweet relish and mustard) OK, maaaaybe it was just the fact that I hadn't eaten in about 9 hrs. We straightened up the livingroom and I got to work on another blanket. I had it done by 7:30 or 8. Only one more to go...the dreaded too small piece of fleece. I laid it out and discovered that the cutter SHORTED me! I'm not saying I paid for more then I bought...although I could have. I'm saying I asked her to cut the varigated piece the same size as the spiderman piece. It's about 3 inches too short. When you're working on not enough...3 inches is a HUGE amount to lose. I played around with scraps of fleece on my machine and decided I didn't really want to sew the edges together. I ended up going to bed with it on my mind and it's what I woke up with too.

While brainstorming this morning I remembered I already had a yard or so of navy blue fleece in my closet. So I grabbed it out and am washing it now. I'm thinking I might sew some borders along the sides then quilt the backing to it. Although thinking about it now I could just fringe the border. Naaaa it's probably look funny. I was also thinking of buying a huge throw pillow and making him a pillow cover out of it...but we'll see. I have a few more hours to think about it. It just bugs me that I could have gotten them all done last night and been relaxing with just a bit of wrapping to do.

I got a pleasant surprise this AM. Drew had cleaned and rearranged the livingroom while I was sleeping. The way we had it before, the tree was pretty crowded. It looks pretty good now! And it's one less thing I have to be on the kids about. I believe the girls were all cleaning their rooms when I went to bed too. So hopefully the majority of the house is already clean! Woohooo!

Well off to wrap presents, wrestle with this fleece, clean up the kitchen and then mess it up food for tonight!

BTW...I counted up how many people will be at BIL's tonight. There are 66 or 67 people expected!!! Our family with Allison, Tom's parents, 6 sibs...4 spouses, 33 nieces and nephews...2 spouses...3 or 4 longtime boy/girlfriends, a great niece and 2 great nephews.

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Kathy said...

Merry Christmas Kim. I hope you and your family have a very special celebration.