Thursday, December 23, 2004

Running in for a quick update...

I was going to skip wrapping Tues night and go to bed at a half way decent time. I left chat with the intention of taking a shower and going to bed. I ended up...doing laundry, deboning turkey and making gravy, wrapping presents until 2am! LOL

Wed morning Olivia slept in which she hasn't been doing in a while. So I kept grabbing bags and wrapping. I put a pretty good dent into it!! I may have some to do Friday night but the chances are better that I won't. After Olivia woke up I started working on the blankets again. I managed to get 2 of them done and they look pretty cool if I do say so myself. Only 4 more to go although I'll probably end up sewing one of the blankets on my machine. It's my nephew's spiderman fleece. The pattern I wanted was the end of the roll and is less then the 1.5 yds I've been using for everyone else's. I don't really have 10 inches to make fringe with. It'll be fine though because I'm giving his sister a tweety comforter that came with a $10 toddler bed in a bag set I found at Big Lots. I'd give her the whole set but she has a full or queen size bed, so useless to them. I just wanted to give her a little blanket she could drag around the house and it's the perfect size for that.

The kids are at their last day of school. It's a bogus day but at least it's fun for them. The Elementary Christmas concert was very nice! I have to say I often find their music teacher to be lacking in musical skills (listening to her piano playing hurts my ears). The chorus programs also tend to be the same from year to year. This year was new and the kids actually sounded great! So great that I hardly noticed the teacher's piano playing LOL!

We unfortunately missed the volleyball game. I just can't win! I finally get out the door to make it to a game and they play 3 games as quick as possible. They were DONE when we got there!!!! The game was originally set for 6pm so we could only see half an hour before needing to be at the middle school auditorium. When the kids got home they told me the game was moved to 4:15. So I thought I'd be smart and feed everyone dinner, get them dressed for the concert and then go to the game. Games usually last 1.5-2hrs. This one lasted an hour tops! We got there about 5:20. Val played a lot too! :o( We all ended up turning around, walking back out the door and going back home for about 45mins. Oh well, at least I relaxed for a little bit.

Wed night the kids were taking their time going to sleep and I was crampy for some reason. (AF isn't due until next week). So I decided to get some sleep while I could. I grabbed Olivia and went to bed by 11pm. Not needing tons of sleep I was wide awake at 4am. I tossed and turned for a while, thinking about everythign I needed to do and decided to just get up and DO IT! I threw in a load of laundry, and worked on Allison's blanket. That way when she's here today I won't have to worry about her seeing it or putting it off until she's NOT here. I finished it just in time to start our regular morning routine. So now only 3 blankets to go. Olivia is wrapping presents for BIL's house as I do this and then I'm going to kick her off my floor area to work on the other blankets. I'm hoping to have them done by 2.

I've kind of given up on making cookies right now. I've come to the conclusion that Christmas cookies taste just as good AFTER Christmas as they do before. So Tom can bring in a tray of things to work for New Year's. ;o) Tonight after the kids get home we'll be picking up the house and then wrapping presents for BIL's house. I need to run to Walmart for food for his house so I'll either do it this afternoon (putting the blanket making back a bit) or during the night (putting wrapping back a bit). Then I'll have a marathon wrapping session and hopefully finish with everything. I'd be great if I didn't have anything to do ALL day Friday (well except prepare food and get people ready to go).

Off to start on my huge todo list! Let's see if I can get to sleep before I've been up for 24hrs. (4am tonight) If I don't get back here to update before then....


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