Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Little of this, little of that...

First let me say....WELCOME to the world Miles Emerson!! Congratulations to Chris and her family on their new addition!!

My life... My life has been a boring fast moving blur lately. There's really nothing much to report but we're all living so that's good!

Pat's last day of finals/class was Monday, Drew is taking his last final today. So now I have babysitters here most of the time. :o) I'm starting to get serious about shopping for Christmas. Ebay has been hogging up my blogging time. I bought my parents and Pat something on ebay this week. I'm watching something for Liz now. If I get the thing I want for Liz then I only have Carrie's big thing to buy (hmmm...maybe I need to buy Eileen's main thing too). After I'm done here I'm definitely going to go into my room and take inventory. My SIL "D" and I are going out shopping tonight. I need to KNOW what and who I need to buy for. There's no more..."Oh this is nice, I'll get it and figure out for who later" type of thing.

I need to buy things for the kids to take to school. Eileen's teacher (1st grade) was kind of a grinch and said no gift exchange...only class gifts. It would be fine IF Eileen didn't have other siblings coming home with gift exchange gifts. I always feel sorry for kids whose teacher does that. I did take inventory of presents needed for people who don't live in the house. It looks like a ton but a lot of it will probably be bought at the dollar store (same item for each girl type thing). Wish I had more time to go to the thrift store. Maybe one more trip.

So I need(bear with me please, helps to have it written somewhere that won't be misplaced lol)....

Snack for Liz for school tomorrow for youth girl's party on Saturday
Snack for party and something for breakfast (they're spending the night)

Church presents for Sunday...2 families already taken care of, need....
9 family presents...ornament and cookie tray probably
4 single men presents...chocolates or such
2 single women....personal things probably
Rolls for 100 people
Nice Dessert

For school next Thursday
Boy present for Jake
Girl present for Carrie
Class present for Eileen
Snacks for each class including Liz

Presents for Christmas Eve (Tom's family)...already have 17 presents, need...
12 nieces/grandnieces presents
8 nephew/grandnephew presents
1 couple present (nephew)
2 single brothers
Not sure if we're doing married sibs or not
EATS for the party!

My Parent's house on Christmas afternoon...
Sister's 3 girls
Brother's Daughter
My dad
Not sure if we're buying for my brother and sister
I have to make my nephew's blanket and may be making quilts/blankets for the others

While taking inventory for Christmas Eve and church Tom heard me talking to myself while I wrote out my lists. He half asked....we still have a lot to buy for? ROFL! If he only knew! I told him it's not too bad and I'm ahead of the game compared to other years. It hit me...even if I buy 10 presents for each of my kids (easy to do when you figure in stockings and dollar store stuff) that's 100!!!! things to buy and wrap! YIKES! LOL Oh well I'm not stressing. Ask me again tomorrow though. If I don't do too well tonight I might start stressing just a bit!

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