Friday, December 17, 2004

I love when things start falling....

into place. I wish I could tell you about everything I've bought and/or has arrived here. It's so EXCITING! Unfortunately I'm not sure who reads this so I'll keep it to myself for the time being.

My parent's present came. I wasn't sure if I was going to keep it for our house or give it to them. It depended on the condition of it. It's good enough to give away and now I'm jealous I didn't get a second one. Oh well guess I can watch for more auctions on them. The person I bought Liz's present from emailed me and told me she's sending it priority so I'll be sure to get it in time for Christmas. WOOOHOOO!

I'm hoping to get my Christmas present from the kids tomorrow morning. I told them that all I wanted was a clean house!!! That means this weekend is the only time they'll a decent sized timeframe to work on it. Some don't even have that as they have parties and activities to go to. If they can help get it done it'll ease up a lot of my time next week! :o) We've already put a good dent into tonight. My kitchen floor is ready to be mopped and my hallway is empty of laundry! Yep you read that right, there is less then a load of clothes in the hampers. If I finish tonight they might all be empty before I get to bed! It helps that I bought 3 rubbermaid hampers at WM last night. I finally decided I needed some order in the hall. I used to think hampers in the hall would be hard to walk around but there's almost always a laundry basket there anyways. They're actually thinner then a laundry basket. So far so good, as long as everyone leaves them where they are it should continue to work out well. I could get bummed if I thought too much though. There's still a lot of laundry to do around here. I have coats, snowpants, gloves and bedding to do. After that there are plenty of stored clothes that need some attention. Of course after the kids clean their rooms tomorrow it all might go down the drain when I find out I'm buried up to my neck in everyday clothes being discovered and needing to be washed! LOL

Let's all hope that plans actually get followed here!

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