Monday, December 06, 2004

Let's try this again....

I had a long rambling post typed out yesterday and then my page crashed. So I gave up!

I'm happy to say that the bazaar and the birthday feast are over and were a success! I ended up getting about an hour of sleep on Fri/Sat so was dragging near the end of the bazaar (it's also my normal low time of the day) I ended up selling all my candy mugs, 4 out of 6 glass plates and quite a few windowclings with the school name in school colors on them. Most other things didn't tend to go too well, the gag gifts didn't move like I thought but that's was just table filler and didn't cost much to make. I would have sold all the plates if not more of them if I'd had christmas patterns. Unfortunately the wrapping paper idea I had didn't work and I didn't have any Christmas fabric available. I'm hoping to be able to pick some up on clearance after Christmas.

Every year I think I'm going to do this again and I'm going to work ALL year long on it. I've yet to accomplish this but there's always hope that this year will be the year. LOL I almost gave my table up this year but I'm glad I didn't. The one table for the church wouldn't have been big enough for everything. We're talking about trying to do more then one show next year. It's a lot of work for just the small bazaar that the school has. People could say...why not just give the church the money but I think it's a great fellowship builder. Even if we took out the cost of supplies instead of donating them there'd be some profit...just not a lot. It's also fun to be out in the community like that.

The birthday feast was nice! All the kids cooperated and it was enjoyed by all. We had quite a few out of town guests attend, including Brother and Sister Woerlen (Marc's parents). I wanted to talk to them but was apprehensive about what to do or say. I finally walked up to Sister Woerlen and said...I just want to give you a hug! Boy!!! Did I get a HUGE hug too! :oD I'm sure she was more comforting to me then I was to her. It was nice to talk to her for a while and hear how things are going up their way.

I got home last night and was like....PHEW! I have NO appointments (although I need to make one or two still) or dire commitments from now until the week of Christmas when school concerts hit big time all week. Just everyday normal life. I'm getting excited about baking and decorating finally. Our tree now has lights on it and we may even start decorating it tonight. I bought Tom some blue lights for his main tree outside and he put them on yesterday, they look very nice. We don't really do too much decorating outside, just around the windows from the inside mostly. I'm hoping to get some lighted garland around the porch railings and maybe the door too.

I still haven't taken full inventory of my prize closet. After I do that I then have to really brainstorm and figure out how much I'm spending and on what I'm spending it on. Then I'll have to try and fight the mobs of shoppers to find it. UGH!

My idea to hit the house hard today and clean it hasn't gotten too far. I think having almost all the kids home from school with various complaints (headaches, sore throats, new colds, just plain upset and crying) hasn't helped. I need to get them to work!!! Usually this time of year I find deep cleaning easier. I think it has to do with how I was raised. We always had a huge deep cleaning spree between Thanksgiving and Christmas so the house would be ready for company. I don't really remember cleaning too much beyond that (well we did have chores, but just surface stuff). I'm half afraid my house is beyond saving right now though. It seems like I'll never get it spic and span, much less ALL of it at once! Guess actually attempting to do it would help a great deal toward accomplishing it. *whines* Do I HAVE to!?!?! And I wonder where the kids come up with those attitudes. hmmmmmm

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