Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Dr visit and thoughts on my favorite subject....

Food! LOL

Tuesday was my weekly doctor visit. I dropped Drew and Pat off at school and got to my appointment about half an hour early...or so I thought. The receptionist looked at me funny when I walked in. She couldn't find my name on the list. While she went to the computer to look up my file and check things. I dug into my wallet for my appt card. OOPS! I remember now. There was no 10:15 appt open so I made my appt in the afternoon AFTER the boys would be out of school. They saw me anyways, so no running back in in the afternoon. PHEW!

I saw my weight as 216 (AFTER the dark 215 line) nurse saw it as 214 (before the line) Not really that big of a difference I guess. Just hope I don't gain a couple pounds this week and then get yelled at for gaining 2 more then I really did. My blood pressure was so so from what it's been but good all around...I'll take it. No fun stuff like measuring my belly or looking for the heartbeat yet...still too early. It was a quick visit with the doctor. He upped both doses of insulin again...4units each and said...see you next week.

I went shopping after my appt, picked up the boys and hit the stores again. We ended up running through Walmart and I hit the freezer section. I had decided I wanted to buy complete meals that fit into my diet. Then I could just heat and eat when I needed them. Not being used to buying premade things like this it took me a looong time to figure out what I could and couldn't get. I also bought a lot of clearance sale Valentine's Day candy. I knew that was a mistake!

I got home, put the groceries away and sat down at the computer. I opened a bag of cherry jelli/gummi hearts and had 2. Next thing I know...HALF the bag was gone!!! I'd sunk into my old habits and had been stuffing them into my mouth while typing away and hadn't realized it. GULP! I felt icky so went to lay down for a while. Got up an hour later and promptly threw up what candy was left in my system. I felt off for most of the night.

One of things I bought in the freezer section was a dinner of Orange glazed chicken. It fit into my dinner allowances perfect..with a veggie and glass of milk added. I decided to have it that night for dinner. Opening the package I thought...WOW! That's a lot of food. How can all that food fit into those allowances...especially with rice. I micro'ed it, micro'ed some frozen stir fry veggies and mixed it in. I just couldn't get over how much food it was. I shared a bit with Tom, gave all the little ones a bit of chicken and a bite of rice and veggies, no problem. After at least half of it was gone I got to thinking again...this CAN'T be right. I got up and checked the box. OOPS!!! The container was THREE servings!!! No wonder I was amazed at the amount of food I thought I could have. I ate the few remaining pieces of chicken and gave it to the kids to share. I'm not sure how my sugar was...I thought my glucometer was in the car and Pat was using the car. (Pat had brought it in before he'd left and I didn't know) I'm hoping ignorance is bliss this time around and being high for one day won't do too much damage in the long run. Now to get back on track.

I've decided not only do I have my laziness, family size and newness of diet against me. I also have the weather against me! If it was spring or summer it'd be so much easier to get a lot of things that are "freebies" in my diet. I could go out in my garden and grab a cucumber to snack on. I could make a salad with greens supplemented from the garden, etc. Right now I'm paying top dollar for cheap iceburg and spinach which is also bulky to store. If I make a salad for my family we can easily use 1.5 or 2 heads per meal. Where do I store a week's worth!?!? I definitely can't do my once every two weeks shopping trip anymore....which means more spending then normal, requiring more $$$.

I wasn't too thrilled with the taste of the frozen dinner. It's just not the same as what I'm used to. I do think it's really better to try to get things done ahead of time...make my own frozen dinners. Just have to find the time, keep the ingredients in the house and keep the cooked things away from 22 other hands. I guess if I was super mom I'd make enough for EVERYONE...but I'm not. LOL

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