Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Food part 2

Kathy, the diet is pretty generous when done right. I do find that I get hungry soon after a meal but the meals/snacks are spaced for that purpose. (3 meals and 3 snacks per day) I often find I skip either my breakfast or afternoon snack because I'm sleeping or get busy. If worse came to worse I could snack on some non-starchy veggies like celery and cucumbers if I needed to. I'd have a few more options open to me if I could tolerate sugar free things. I'm not that desperate yet. Ask me how generous this diet is again in about 5wks, after m/s is gone and before baby takes over my stomach space. LOL

To everyone, thank you for all the encouragement and advice I've received. I appreciate it. I have to admit, I sometimes find myself thinking....that won't work here or in this size family. I'm not sure if it's just an excuse or if my family dynamics really do play as much of a part in it as I think they do.

I feel my family is suffering to a point and I do feel guilty about that. Unfortunately I can't afford to feed my family my diet. (I doubt they'd go along with it anyways) We're a carb, spaghetti, potatoes, bread, starchy veggies are a fact of life here. It's how I feed and fill up so many on a semi tight budget.

It's not just a matter of eating non processed food for me, it's eating the right kind. I usually cook from scratch. For us to eat processed foods is a "special" thing or comes at a time when meal prep time is at a premium (me feeling sick, lots of evening activies, me not being around a lot...etc). Eating the right kind means watching carb counts right now. Unfortunately for a diabetic, glycemic index doesn't matter very much. Yes, whole wheat pasta and brown rice would be more healthy. It's still going to elevate my blood sugar albeit a little slower. (1/2c brown rice has 20.6g of carbs, same amount of white rice has 21.9g...a carb allowance is equal to 15g)

Then I have a problem of guilt. Because I'm dealing with morning sickness and can't eat the normal foods I usually cook. I find I'm not cooking for my family like I normally too. So they are suffering...adding onto my guilt. Now if I were to be organized and precook things for myself. There's the problem of how to package it. There's snacks...which I can have 1oz of protein, lunch....2oz, dinner...3oz. UGH it's mindboggling. Then there's me wanting something quick for my family....seeing the precooked chicken in the freezer and going YAY!!! Quick stirfry for 12! No more chicken for me. Not to mention sneaky hands that are looking for a quick lunch or snack when I'm not around. LOL

Exactly how do you figure out how many carbs and proteins our normal dishes equal anyways? Chili, turkey and gravy, baked ziti, etc. Unless I measure my things out separately and fix it special for's either complicated or guessing at best. (I never measure when cooking for the group...just dump) Either way...I'm back to square one. Or I'm stuck grabbing old standbys like my ham or turkey sandwich on one piece of bread. There's only so much of these you can eat before they become nausea inducing themselves.

Please don't take this as a sign I don't want suggestions and ideas. I love them! Keep them coming. Especially from those who've BTDT and have dealt with TOK dynamics.

So let me have it...what do you it excuses or is it legit?

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Gretchen said...

Kim, since I have no BTDT experience, all I can say is, I think everything you said sounds valid to me! I can't imagine being able to do what you are required. I guess I would if I had to, but yuck! Do the best you can, and try not to let the guilt catch you. If you get 28 more weeks down the road and have a healthy baby in your arms and a decent body to hold it with, then you done good! Remember that is your ultimate goal, not perfection. ((Hugs))