Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I got a peek!!!!

I got to see the baby today! :oD The dr mentioned that it was too early to hear the heartbeat with the doppler (have a tipped uterus and extra belly fat...so not likely). I mentioned that at times I wonder what's going on because I feel like I'm not tired or sick enough. He asked if I wanted to sneak into the sonogram room and take a quick peek. He didn't have to ask me twice!!! Someone was already in there so we had to wait...but it was SO worth it!

Olivia went with me for the first time and was really shy. The dr let her goop me up. She'd squeeze a little out...check to make sure she wasn't in trouble. Rethink it and squeeze some more. She did that about 3 times while the dr was getting my info into the compture.

As soon as we could see the uterus (past my VERY full bladder...ouch) we could see the baby. It's hands were waving all around and the dr told Olivia...Look! The baby is waving at you! :o) I wish he could have gotten a picture of that because after that all the limbs disappeared. What didn't disappear was the HEARTBEAT! We didn't take the time to measure how fast it was beating...but it was beating really fast. It measured almost perfect too.... 9w 3d.

When I mentioned that everyone can stop talking about twins now too. He decided to look a little harder for a second one. If it's in there...it's a VERY good hider. LOL

I was thanking him up and down and telling him that I appreciate it. It wiped a lot of worry from my mind. I felt like if I saw a good heartbeat after 8wks...things would be fine. My m/c started at 11.5wks..finished at 13wks but the baby had stopped growing around 8wks. I can now relax a bit, but not too much. I wouldn't be a pg woman if I didn't worry! LOL

My blood pressure was good, she even took it while I was standing up! My weight stayed the same. My morning insulin doseage was upped 4 units. I giggled to myself that he did that, seeing as last week he said I was going to be one of those that needs a higher dose at night then in the morning. I guess waiting until the last second before bed to eat my nightime snack has helped my fasting levels. The last four days they've been....93, 89, 93, 86.

Oh well I just fell asleep while sitting here...going to lay down for a few minutes.

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pregnancyweekly said...

How exciting! And how great of the dr. to let Olivia participate. Congrats again! :)