Sunday, February 27, 2005

Yays and Nays.....

It's the last day of mid-winter break....NAY!!

It looks like we may be in for a snow day or two this week (snowstorm coming tomorrow)....YAY!

My parents came over on Friday for a visit....YAY!

I got really busy in the kitchen Friday and made tons of bread, rolls and cookies...YAY AND NAY (nay for me and my diabetes)

We only had to do a quick pickup around here in order for it to be presentable for them to come....YAY!!!

We switched chores yesterday....yay and nay

Most didn't do their jobs yesterday...NAY!! (Carrie happily has food prep and made pancakes for breakfast Saturday) :o)

SOME things are still needing to be done today....NAY!

BIL, J, and his son little j, a friend and his girlfriend are here snowmobiling....YAY!

I stayed in the house while everyone else has been mostly out...big quiet YAY!

I'm not sure what to do for dinner for everyone...NAY! (could turn into a yay if certain people decide to give me a break and order pizza and wings)

Pat just smacked his hand (pinky knuckle) on the wall, making a gash and immediately turning it black and blue...NAY!

Our insurance carrier dropped Pat in January claiming they have no proof of his attending college (required after the age of 18)...We have procrastinated in getting them the info...BIG NAY!!!

Pat's gone outside to ski behind the snowmobile....YAY???

Luke had two of his cousins over on Fri for his birthday...YAY!

They were up until 3am and snuck EIGHT of Tom's beers (like Tom wouldn't notice that there were 9 out of 30 beers missing after he only drank ONE lol)....NAY!

I had to make two phone calls Saturday morning to inlaws explaining what happened and cutting Luke's celebration short....NAY

I'll have to play the enforcer for the next umpteem million days until Luke's off being grounded...NAY

Luke was hurting all day Saturday and everyone relished in making it worse....LOL (sorry but it was funny...he won't volunteer for that activity again any too quickly)

Decided to be on the ball and do bills immediately (Friday was payday)...YAY!

Discovered I'm out of checks....NAY!!!

Balanced checkbook and found out I made a $1000 error...AGAINST US!!!....NAY! NAY! NAY!

No spending money this payperiod...BOOOO!

We had some overtime and tax refunds to cover my mistake...YAY!

I tested my dad's glucose level while he was here (type 2 diabetic and not very good at following his plan)...he was 287!!! YIKES!!! *sob*

I lost my glucose meter on Friday after my parents visited...NAY and freak out!

I found my glocose meter Saturday afternoon...YAY and phew!

I haven't been tracking my sugar levels well this weekend...BOOOOO!

My bottle of blood pressure meds seems to be missing...NAY! (will call the dr for a new script tomorrow)

The kids having off this week has messed up my sense of time (missed TOK chat on Tues and Friday)...NAY!

I thought yesterday was me an "extra" day of vacation...YAY!

I haven't had too much time online this week...nay...with a tiny bit of yay thrown in.

I'm feeling tons better pregnancywise! I'm more energetic and less m/s'y!...YAY! YAY! YAY!

Being busy around here has my sciatica flairing up a bit...NAY!

I've fallen in love with my microwaved rice sock...YAY!

I've passed my dreaded 11.5wk mark of when my m/c started...halfway through my 10days from hell of it....YAY!

I received some snail mail from ma yesterday! I can accurately measure out my food now!...YAY!

I haven't gotten into chat to thank her yet....NAY!

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