Sunday, February 20, 2005

Now that's what I call a good day!

FINALLY! I managed to have a busy day and actually get things done!

On Friday we didn't get too much done but sat and hashed some things out...mostly our chore list. I've said we're going to start our chore list back up again, just haven't taken the time to get it going. I figured a week off of school would make a great start to getting into the routine. I also figured it gave us enough time to get things going incase I end up on bedrest. I want them to be ready.

We originally started with 10 for each kid, switching jobs weekly. I realized that I'd have to cover Olivia, Eileen and maybe Jake. Seeing as Drew and Pat tend to be gone a lot that left FIVE of the ten jobs needing my attention....not what I was aiming for. Michelle suggested we put some jobs together, team Eileen or Olivia with Drew or Pat and add in a week off. Last time we did a chore list we had a week off on the rotation. Everyone wanted it back on.

Jobs are...
Kitchen table and floor
Wash dishes and put them away
Both bathrooms
Stairs and Hallway
Food Prep/Menu planning
Week Off

I think it's going to work!!! Either Drew and Pat cover Olivia and Eileen or I do....I can handle that. Today was the first day and everyone surprised me and just jumped in to their assigned jobs. Some had a LOT of work to do to get things in order. Michelle worked on the hall and stairs (normally a 30sec job) all day. It's an area that isn't touched on a regular basis. She cleaned out the closets too! It looks great!!!

I was busy all day between answering questions, giving the little kids a hand and teaching kids how to do jobs correctly (Carrie's first time doing laundry lol). This week is Jake has Food Prep. I won't have him make a menu and make the meals like I plan on the older kids doing, but he's a great helper. I let him do more then he's ever done before and he LOVED it! I had Eileen whining that she wants to work with me in the kitchen too. LOL

After putting off making all the things I've wanted, a nagging 8yo finally got me to actually do it. It's one thing to think...maybe I'll make cookies. It's another to hear someone say....can we make cookies now? Is it cookie time now? Mooooom! We were busy beavers today. We made....

3 loaves of bread,
1 batch of rolls
double batch of chocolate chip cookies....baked 5dz, froze over 3dz
Pasta salad for dinner
Boiled eggs for egg salad (tomorrow's lunch) and to eat out of hand
Quad batch of banana banana bread (dz mini bundt loaves in freezer)
London Broil for dinner
4 sausage/pizza rolls (double batch of pizza dough)

I haven't had a day in the kitchen like that in a looong time, felt nice! While doing that I also helped Luke with dishes (I was REALLY behind on them), Carrie with 7 loads of laundry and various other problems, questions. I barely sat down all day and felt fine. My feet started feeling like they might have started to swell by dinner time but they were fine. I laid down (didn't sleep) after dinner for about 45mins...MISTAKE! My hips froze up! (wondering if it's sciatica starting) UGH! It totally hobbles me up at first and throbs for the rest of the day...they are still sore after 5+hrs later.. I'm just hoping this doesn't get worse.

Off to bed. Fingers crossed that today wasn't a fluke and everyone cooperates with the chore list tomorrow. Also that going back to school doesn't mess it up!

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Lisa said...

Hey kmom, good work! It must be in the air, I've actually been productive the past few days. Now, how do we keep this up???? LOL