Monday, February 14, 2005

Rough weekend.....

I need to get organized in terms of meals, menus and having things for ME available. I'm just not doing well lately with this diet. I never got my Friday afternoon snack and was starting to feel it. Thing is, Tom was due home with groceries any second so I held off. I figured we'd get groceries put away and then make something quick (Tom tends to buy chicken nuggets or something "fast food" when shopping on the way home from payday day). He'd bought fish fillets and fish sticks..yeah!!! I'd been wanting those! So I threw them in the oven, checked the package while they were cooking and figured out I could have 2 fillets (enough to fill out a piece of bread) but could only have one piece of bread...oh well, I'd live with that. I might even only have the fish and use the other starch for french fries I was frying up.

It got to be time to turn the fish and I opened the oven door to find....a COLD oven! The pilot light had gone out on the oven and it'd never started when I turned it on. Grrrr! I was hungry and starting to feel a bit nauseaus due to not eating for a while. I relit the pilot light and turned the oven on. Tom checked the fish about 15 mins later and the oven was STILL cold! Pilot had gone off again! Now it's about 15 mins before the kids needed to get out the door for church activities. So I take the fish sticks off the cookie sheet (leave the fillets for those who are staying home) and start microwaving chicken nuggets while I fried up french fries. I ate one starch allowance of french fries...2oz...about 8 crinkle fries...woohooo! *dripping in sarcasm*

After the kids got out the door I realized I really didn't feel good and I wasn't going to be able to wait for the fish I really wanted. So I started making my standby of 3oz of deli ham on the one piece of bread I was allowed (only 1 starch allowance left after the fries). The whole time I'm making the sandwich I'm bawling!!! I feel lousy and I don't want ham!!!! I want fish!!! Before I can finish making the sandwich I'm coughing and gagging...eventually running for the bathroom to lose what little was in my stomach. Good thing coffee isn't so bad the second time around ;o) I came out...still crying...and ate my sandwich, veggies and milk. Then I promptly planted myself on the couch in a stupor. Within an hour I was shivering so badly (not unusual to get cold after I eat). I put my coat on and hunkered down on the couch. I wasn't warming up and I still felt lousy, so just before 10 I decided to go to bed. I immediately went out and slept soundly.

Well, soundly that is until about 1:30am when Liz woke me up crying. It seems that Carrie threw up all over the stairs and Tom had left it to Liz to pick up.....telling NOT wake up mom. I'm glad she didn't listen to him!!!! I was NOT happy with him. I guess he was having the dry heaves over it and if it'd been up to him, he'd have just covered it up. GRRRRRRRRR!

Saturday was a lazy, unproductive day. I got up at 8, tested my sugar and laid back down until 9. I decided I couldn't wait too much longer to eat or I'd be a mess all day that day too. So got up, took my insulin and ate my regular breakfast of peanut butter toast. I started feeling sleepy like I normally do about 45mins after eating. I decided to lay on my bed and stretch out my back until it was time to retest my sugar in 10 mins or so. Next thing I's 3PM!!!!!!!!!! I'd slept for FOUR hours!!! The whole day was gone! I wasn't happy that they left me sleeping that long. The kids said they couldn't win. Tom was on their case about not waking me up, then I was on their case for letting me sleep! LOL Poor things. It wouldn't have been so bad if I'd woken up refreshed and raring to get some things done around the house. But I wasn't. I was a lump on a log and lounged for most of the day. Carrie laid on the loveseat and slept most of the day.

I did it again....I waited too long to figure out and get something for dinner. I couldn't find anything even though we have food in the house. Nothing seemed to be able to work for some reason. I started crying again and sat back down in my computer chair. I knew I had to do something or I'd end up throwing up again like the night before and feeling even worse for the rest of the night. I finally asked Tom if we could order chicken wings from the local pizzeria. He said sure...PHEW! Smart man ;o) I could only have 6 or 7 but they were GOOD!!!! I started feeling icky when Drew and Tom were out getting the wings so I micro'ed some veggies and had a bowl. I then stayed up playing Final Fantasy X until about 1:30.

Sunday was much better! I was the lucky person who got to eat the leftover chicken wings for my protein allowances for the morning and lunch! :o) I should probably order a hundred of those and just package them up according to a snack, lunch or dinner allowance. When I was pg for Drew I craved Hot Wings and would often eat a bucket of 50 of them from Kentucky Fried Chicken all day Saturday when I was at work. And I wondered why I gained 60lbs with him! LOL

This day it was Liz's turn to not feel well. She didn't throw up but slept about 8hrs and looked terrible after getting up. My SIL, D, and I went to visit MIL about 3'ish with a bunch of D's kids. MIL looks a lot better then the last time I saw her. She's still really weak but doesn't seem to have as hard of a time breathing. I'm hoping it's a sign that the pneumonia isn't going to be stubborn and stick around.

So I've come to the conclusion that I need to get more organized in terms of food in order for me (and my family, living with me) to survive this diet. I HAVE to make sure I have the snacks that I'm suppose to. I HAVE to plan meals before it's too late. I have to have things in the freezer for me to grab and make for myself. I'm not sure what they'll be. I'll have to take inventory, do a heavy duty grocery shopping trip and make up some things for the freezer. This putting myself first is getting to be a drag!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your pregnancy first of all! I was reading about your diet issues and blood sugar problems, and wanted to share some information my midwife told me. She says there is no comparison in nutritional value between highly processed foods, like chicken nuggets or patties and real chicken breasts. Same for grains, ie, eating some brown rice is so much better for you than a piece of bread. I know how hard it is to even think about fixing food when you feel like barfing. My morning sickness was debilitating for months each time. But maybe you could cook or grill a bunch of chcken breasts, and then cut them up and keep them handy in the freezer. Makes for a fast chicken ceasar salad. I also felt much better and had more energy when I ate foods that were close to the source- least amount of processing possible, and cuts out a lot of preservatives, fat, sugars, and other chemicals. Good luck to you, and hope you are feeling better soon

Kathy said...

Gosh Kim, this sounds really hard. What are you suppossed to do if you are still hungry and yet have eaten up your carb allowance. Gosh I hope it gets better for you. Hope the sickies have left your house. We have some sort of yucky fever throat virus here.