Sunday, February 27, 2005

OOOPS!!!! I forgot the biggest YAY of all!!!

I haven't shared it here because I'm not sure who is reading this. I'm not even sure I should be sharing this yet. The person I'll be talking about hasn't really shared her news with everyone yet. (so if she hasn't told you yet...act surprised when she tells you....ok?! and shhhhhh!)

I'm going to have company this summer being SIL, D!!! She's due with #15 in mid October. This is her 17th pg (she's also had a miscarriage and a stillborn at 26wks). Her youngest will be 1 at the end of April. :o) I'm happy to hear that her sense of smell has gone bonkers and she's had bouts of queasiness. I'm sure she's not so happy to be experiencing it though. LOL

We've been pregnant together for quite a few of my pregnancies (she's had a few without me lol) but we haven't had babies that'll be born this close in a while. Now to get us both successfully to delivery of healthy babies!


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"Falling for you was,
Never quite like bleeding,
Your mother said it was,
A new form of weed eating."

-The Troxies