Monday, February 07, 2005

Whiling away some time...

doing some laundry. I know...I should be doing the laundry during daylight hours. I have this thing about running into the basement while the kids are around....I try to avoid it. It's probably a throwback from when most of the kids were little and would follow me down there. It was always a pain to keep them out of things and then herd them back upstairs when I was done. It took almost as long as the task I originally went into the basement for (mainly laundry). So I got into the habit of doing laundry after the kids went to bed. Problem now kids are big and don't go to bed until LATE! Olivia is still sleeping with us so she's not on a fixed schedule like the school kids are. This means that she's usually up after the school kids go to bed. I am starting to break old habits...but it's HARD! Of course if I didn't procrastinate and save the laundry until the evening before it's might help too. LOL

I was thinking/worrying tonight that I'm not really tired anymore. Then I remembered...I took a TWO hour nap this morning! PHEW! A little worry gone out the window. I ate my breakfast, waited the hour to test my sugar and then climbed back into bed next to Tom. I only wanted to ask if he was getting up...he said yes and started to stir. I let my head hit the pillow and I was out cold. I did keep waking up (or is that kept getting woke up), think...I HAD to get up....that I was wasting the day away, then roll right back over and go back to sleep. So much for hating to sleep. I just wish I'd quit beating myself up over it after I get up. It's done! Get over it already!

I did luck out though because Michelle and Val wanted friends over today for a "Super Bowl" party (they didn't watch a second of the game! lol). This fact meant that they took it upon themselves to clean up the house so we'd say yes! Of course it worked but who housework got a huge dent put into it...and I was SLEEPING the whole time! Woohoo!

My fasting sugar broke 100 today. Not only did it break 100, but it broke 90 too with an 89!!!! My postprandials (after meals) are still hovering around the high limit. I'd love to see them drop at least 10 if not 20pts.

I've been tweaking the blog tonight...mostly adding links. I'd like to add something new but not something gimicky. It also has to not take up lots of space or take a long time to load. Having a fast loading site is important to me. I've found being online has caused me to be impatient...I want it NOW! LOL I haven't tried to look too hard, but it might be my next project here. I do know I need to get some new pics of the family and kids taken and put up. Just a matter of taking the time to do it.

I found a great forum for diabetic women of any type (Type 1, 2 or Gestational) whether they are pg or not. It's Diabetic Mommy and it's great to find people who understand exactly what I'm going through or will be going through. I've added the link over into my sidebar. I've also added a link to a Pregnancy Week by week site and my Fitday journal (meal tracking)

I've been playing around with Blogshares a bit more. It's a fantasy stockmarket game with the stock being blogs. I don't have all the skills needed to be really successful but I've increased my portfolio a LOT in the last month or so. Who the time I'm done....I'll own the world!!! *evil maniacal laugh*

Today I was in the mood to do some cooking/baking. I couldn't do it though. Everything I wanted to make were no-nos for me...fried dough, cinnamon rolls, pizza (although I can have some of it...just not enough), and cookies! I still was wishing I'd thrown together some cookie dough for the kids and threw it into the freezer so they could make a few batches every now and then. Yeah like I wouldn't be sitting here stuffing my face right now! Maybe I'll do it....tomorrow.

Oh well, laundry is ready for me to switch them over. Guess that's my clue to get off here.