Friday, February 04, 2005

Getting into a bad habit

It bugs me that I'm not updating here on a regular basis. I come to blogger to do it but by the time I's just too much to do. I think of things to post about all the time. I'm not sure why I'm freezing up about posting though.

Things have been crazy here. On Saturday Tom's brother J and his mom came over to visit. They also worked on the car and got it running. WOOHOOO! Tom's mom hasn't been over in quite a while and we had a great time visiting. I miss that she's not around so much...the kids really like the attention she gives them. His parents used to stay in a trailer out on our property for most of the summer until she started dialysis (6 yrs ago). (It's the trailer Tom's brother B stays in now when he's working their side of the property.) There were disadvantages to the close proximity too but now that it's been a while and we don't see them as much as we once did...I miss the benefits. While here though MIL had to deal with a bit of some stressful things and after a while 911. She then acted like she was kidding and was fine. She even left our house around 6:30 and went to visit her oldest DD.

On Sunday Tom and I went out to dinner with his family to celebrate his baby brother's birthday. Unfortunately his baby brother didn't make it though. We all had a good time anyways. I ordered a 12oz sirloin and had thought I'd only eat some and take the rest (meat/protein allowance is 3oz for dinner lol) I decided I'd just have to deal with bad sugar levels for one meal and ate the whole thing! It was delicious!!!! Actually the meal wasn't too carby (coleslaw, garlic bread...ate a few bites like a good girl, french fries...saved until last and didn't eat them all) When I tested an hour later it was 139!!! LOL

While we were waiting for our table Tom's mom offhandedly mentioned she was having angina. I asked her about her nitro and she said she used the spray before we left the house (I thought she was using breath spray DUH!) By Monday morning she was in pretty bad shape and called her cardiologist. He told her to go to dialysis and they'd evaluate her. They hooked her up to the EKG and called an ambulance. Seems she had a heart attack over the weekend (probably Sunday night) and she also had pneumonia.

She's getting released from the hospital today after her dialysis treatment. Unfortunately they didn't have such great news though. They took her in for angioplasty on Thursday. It was suppose to take 45mins. They came out 2.5 hrs later and said no matter what they tried they couldn't clear the was too blocked and like steel. There is no other option for her due to her delicate health. She's a walking time bomb (major stroke or heart attack waiting to happen)

Last night while laying awake at 3am I was thinking about her and praying for her. I started wondering if THIS would be the straw that breaks the camels back. That this would cause her to finally say she's stopping dialysis for good. Although I don't want her to, I understand if she does. After stopping dialysis survival is 7-14 days. :o(

On the pregnancy front...

I went to the nutritionist on Monday and learned a thing or two. :o) One thing was that my exchange sizes were a bit off (too big) on a few things...mainly oatmeal and pasta. Sorry but 3tbsp of oatmeal flakes and 1/2 cup of cooked pasta just don't cut it! She reworked my daily meal allowances. It's not too far off but still a bit off. I tend to have to check my sheet every meal/snack to make sure I'm doing it right. I wrote it up on my numbers log just so I'd have it online and couldn't lose it. LOL Seemed I'm always looking for my paper. I know eventually it will not be found! She's still kept me close to the 2200 cal Meal Plan. I seem to be doing ok on it and for the most part my numbers have dropped a bit.

The nutritionist talked to me about exercising. It's been something I've been wanting to start but wasn't sure if it would drop my sugars too low. She assured me that as long as I monitor my levels and watch for symptoms of hypoglycemia...I'll be fine. The worse that can happen is that I'll need a drop in my insulin dosage and that's NOT a bad thing. LOL She suggested the Walk Away the Pounds workout. I had to laugh because I've been considering buying these for the last month. I saw that Kathy did it for her whole pg and figured it'd be safe for my tired body. :o) Patrick brought his Playstation2 and DDR game down into the livingroom. I've been setting the timer for 20mins and hitting the dance pad. The first day I did it I could barely breathe at times. Now it's not too bad unless I try a really hard/fast song to do. Although my calfs tighten up immediately. That's my own fault and could probably be avoided if I took the time to stretch out before I started. I'm not sure how long I'll be able to do this though. It requires some balance and jumping around...not to mention puts some strain on my pg relaxed bladder. *blush* Hopefully by the time it gets hard to play this'll be NICE OUT!!! Then I can walk and maybe even go swimming (if manage to find summer this year..unlike last year)

On Tuesday I went to the OB and I'm happy to say it went a LOT better then last time. I gained 2lbs and that's fine. :o) My blood pressure was a bit up but still good. I've been noticing it's creeped up at home too. The dr looked at my numbers and upped my insulin. It didn't surprise me. I said it looks like I'm one of those that will need a bigger dose in the evening then in the morning. He eventually decided to up it equally though so it would be easier to remember. I'm up to 14units 2x a day now.

He mentioned that I'll probably be doing weekly appointments for quite a while, if not for the duration of the pg. By the time we get the dosage in order, it'll be time to start upping it again (around 20-24wks). I'm not too happy about that but luckily the dr's office isn't too hard to get to and they're quick. I asked the dr about my chances of staying with them or getting shipped to the bigger city Peri. He assured me that the only reason to have to be transferred to the city is if the baby was to be born before 36wks. The local hospital not having the appropriate NICU. :oD Exactly what I wanted to hear! He told me he's only sent one patient to the city for the treatement of their diabetes but they weren't following along with the plan and had numbers in the 200-300 range.

I'm feeling a lot better physically. My cold is gone and my head is cleared of the cobwebs for the most part. I'm tired but not tired like I was last week. I do notice that half an hour after eating my big meals I can't keep my eyes opened. I'm attributing that to an increase in my glucose levels. My m/s isn't too bad and at times I start to wonder if it's too good. With my m/c I lost m/s symptoms at 8wks or so. I'm just hoping that it's the semi controlled glucose levels and the B-6 in my prenatal vitamin doing it's magic. I'm really trying not to worry about it. It sure will be nice to hit 13wks though! (UGH! another month to go!)

Last night I fell asleep before I got my bedtime snack in. I felt off this AM...dizzy and a headache. I thought for sure my glucose was low. NOPE it was the highest it's been in a few weeks. It was only 113 but for some reason it threw me for a loop and I had a not so great morning. I took my insulin and ate half my breakfast. 1hr numbers were great at 110! I then finished my breakfast allowance. LOL I'm feeling a lot better now then I did 6 hrs ago. Hopefully lunch numbers will cooperate too. Yesterday's lunch was a tad high.

When I saw my fasting number this morning I started crying. Yeah not feeling the greatest didn't help that, but I was also having a pity party of myself. This can be so much work! One thing off and it messes it up. I know one high number isn't going to be a real problem. I still want to have it right so that this baby can have the best possible outcome it can. I already feel like I've stacked the cards against it with my chronic blood pressure, maternal age and all around out of shape enviroment. Luckily the pity party didn't last too long. Now if only I could quit procrastinating and get off my rear!!!

This place is a dump and it's starting to bother me! I want to get rooms completely cleaned. I'd love to haul out my room and get it painted...everything is downstairs...just have to do the work to get it done. If only my mind could actually accomplish the work....everything would be perfect 100times over!!!

OK...I've got to track my meals and then get my kitchen into semi presentable shape. The vermins in there are starting to revolt due to the conditions. ;o) (kidding! we're vermin far as I know)

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