Friday, February 18, 2005


YEAH! A perfect start to mid winter break (all next week off) extra day! The only thing nicer would've been if they hadn't waited until the last second to decide. We woke up to a 2hr delay. About 15mins before buses were due to leave the garage to start their routes, they closed. At the moment you wouldn't figure there'd be a snow day by looking out the window. Give it about 30seconds and that opinion could be changed. Lovely, fickle lake effect snow...snowing around the corner but not here earlier. From the looks of our forecast we'll be in and out of moderate to heavy snow from now until at least Saturday.

I've given the kids until 11 to do what they want, then we'll start cleaning. I'm trying to encourage them to get everything done so we don't have to do it this weekend. If we get things taken care of I'll allow friends to come over next week, invite my parents out for a visit and will let Luke have his birthday party about a week early...maybe even have Val's too. It'll ease up birthday week that's approaching quickly...3 birthdays in 1 wk.

I'm fine with getting snowed in as long as Tom, Drew and Pat get home safely. Yesterday D called me. We had an idea that the weather wasn't going to be so hot this weekend and we decided to go grocery shopping. Of course going into the "city" can't involve just going grocery shopping. You're in...gotta stuff as much into it as possible. So we threw in a stop to Toys R Us too. BIL had told us they had an additional 90% off their clearance stuff. It'd been going on a while so there wasn't too much left but we got a few deals and trinkets for the kids and my prize closet. It's nice to see the closet starting to get stocked again. I bought 2 Playstation2 and 2 XBox games for $1-3ea...brand new. I promptly gave them to Drew and Pat when I got home. Afterwards I kicked myself as they are two of the kids that are the hardest to find clearance stuff for. I could have used them for birthday presents or filler under the christmas tree and seemed REALLY generous! LOL

We've finally gotten cell phones. I didn't really care to have them but seeing as Drew, Pat and I have all broken down in the last 6mos or so without a way to call anyone....we decided to jump in. Last semester we were going to do it but the boys seemed to have less funds then they thought they had. We've gone with a family plan. We'll evenly divide the bill (and yes, I'm getting the money UP FRONT from them!) I'm about ready to smash their phones already! The smart alecks think it's hilarious to call me a zillion times a day. I couldn't hear the ringtone I'd picked when it's in my purse and didn't know they were calling. I've since picked a louder more obnoxious one. LOL

Pat went to pick up Val on Thurs night. He called to tell me that he'd broken down again not too far from the house. I told him I'd send his dad in his work truck to be patient. He said to hurry cause he was cold and Val was scared. I told her to assure her it was ok that he had a cell phone and help was on the way. He responded with...Mom, cell phones can't shot monsters. HUH?!?! LOL OK. I got off the phone and was telling Tom to go help them when everyone started laughing and in walked Pat and Val. They'd called me from the driveway!!! SNOTS! Like I said...SMASH! SMASH! SMASH! Toy, I mean phone all gone.

On the pregnancy sugars have been GREAT! My fastings are 75-85 and I haven't had a 1hr postprandial over 120 in 2 whole days! Even last night after "pigging out" on Cheeze Nips crackers (read that lots and lots of carbs) and before I took my insulin the reading was 125. I thought it was going to be 150s to 180s easy.

After getting done here I'm hoping to get the kitchen and livingroom all cleaned up, start laundry and start messing up the kitchen again. LOL For starters I'd like to make....

Banana banana bread
Cookies to bake and freeze...chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and PB
Pancakes to freeze....triple berry (add muffin mix to homemade batter) and blueberry
BBQ beef in the crockpot
Bread...bought Whole wheat flour yesterday and found a few pkgs of 10grain bread mix at the dollar store!

There's tons more...but that's enough for now I guess. At least I already know what's for dinner...pork chops and pasta salad. YUM!

I'd also like to get into Luke and Jake's room along with the little girls' room to get it hoed out and set up nice. I won't even start to think of working on my room yet. And to start sewing.... *heavy sigh*

Time to finish up things around here now.

BTW...I can't see across the street now because it's snowing so bad.

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