Tuesday, February 22, 2005

It's Island Week!!!

That's what Tom declared this weekend. He wanted to have a tropical party and the kids seemed to like the idea. The older kids went to Walmart and hit the dollar store. They came home with a few treats for the party (plastic leis, cups, straws, treats, etc) but it was a bit too late to start the party.

On Sunday afternoon I broke into my box of party supplies I bought at the dollar store closeout sale (10 for $1!) I gave the girls a bunch of streamers and ballons and told them to decorate for a party, then went to take a nap with Tom. When we got up....WOW! They did a great job! They even made a palm tree, water with tropical fish swimming in it, jumping out of it and tropical flowers all over. Oh yeah and they made a HUGE sun out of a paper plate painted yellow with a yellow lei taken apart for the sunbeams. It looks cool (still up)

Jessica and Michelle spent quite a bit of time making up things to act out for charades. We played for over 2hrs! At one time I laughed so hard I started crying hysterically which made us laugh even more. Of course when they found out that mom laughed so hard she pee'd her pants... Glad I could entertain them all. One of Val's friends was here. He kept saying....so you guys just decided to have a party? There's no reason? Just did it? He seemed to be amazed that you'd have a party for no reason and could get it up and going without too much forethought.

The kids are off this week for Mid-Winter break. It originally started during the energy crisis of the 70's so the schools could turn down the thermostats and not use so much energy during the coldest part of the year. We'd have had a snow day on Monday if they didn't have it off already. We got 7 inches between 11pm Sunday and 9am Monday.

The chore list is going well! My house hasn't looked this good in a loooong time!!! The kids seem to actually enjoy knowing what they have to do each day. I was shocked when I got home from the doctors today because they'd done their jobs while I was gone!! Yeeehaaaw! Most of the kids are looking forward to getting food prep. Even the older kids encourage Jake to make them cookies or something. Whenever they suggest something for dinner, I suggest they save it for THEIR week. Our next obstacle will be working chores in after school next week. If we can get over that then I'll see it as a huge success!

My dr appt went well today. I'm 11wks 4 days and lost another 2 lbs this week (212lbs). I said that I'm fine with the weight loss as long as he was ok with it. Dr said as long as I'm following my diet and keeping my sugar levels good....then everything is good. He even said that if I get down to 200 before delivery, I most likely won't need to go on oral diabetic meds after delivery. :oD

My sugars have gone up since I started getting a cold on Saturday. They aren't terribly high but I'd rather be where I was at the beginning of the week. I confessed to raising my evening dose last night. All day my numbers had been in the 140s range after eating. I took my sugar before dinner and it was 122 already. We were also having spaghetti. I'd thought about cheating and having more then a cup of spaghetti since I had more insulin but decided that I'd rather have lower numbers then more food. I didn't even have my whole cup of spaghetti and my numbers were great! I asked the dr what I should do when my numbers creep like that. He gave me permission to raise my dose 2 units if I think it's needed, but I can't raise both doses in the same day. I'm hoping next week we'll start to be able to look for the baby's heartbeat at my appointments!! I think m/s is starting to go away, unless it's the B-6 doing it's magic still. I'll finish up this bottle of prescription prenatal vits (with b-6 in it) then go to OTC Walmart ones.

Drew got his car fixed tonight! Just in the nick of time since the water pump on our Olds is going and needs to be worked on. At least one of us will have a car though. Now if only they could work on my van too. I'd love to be able to plan to take everyone somewhere....would have been especially nice this week.


Lisa said...

Fun! Let's see pics! If not of the party the clean house.

Evelyn said...


I came across your blog in a recent obsession of blog reading...

I was just very recently (haven't even seen the doctor yet) diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I'm 21, so its a bit odd for someone my age. I've chosen to blame bad genetics and living like a college student.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi, and say that it's almost refreshing to see that other people are as confused about what to eat as I am!

I plan to check back to see if I can get any helpful hints ;)