Friday, February 04, 2005

Hormones raging....3 times in one day!

Yep, it's me again! I mentioned breaking the bad habit of not posting...well I've done it! LOL

I'm really on edge today and have broken down to tears once or twice...over FOOD! Grrr!

My sugar hasn't been behaving today! After having a high fasting and lunch (but good breakfast) I was really careful about dinner (also skipped my afternoon snack) and my level was still high. Granted it was JUST over the limit at 149 but still. It should have been GOOD and below that!

It doesn't help that Tom brought home 2 half gallons of REALLY yummy ice cream either. At first Tom didn't understand why I refused to make the sundaes for the kids. But I REALLY wanted one! I've already put in a request for the hugest strawberry sundae with strawberry ice cream after this baby is born. I might switch it to a banana split! Or even BOTH! ;o)

They used up the rest of the bananas and I told him to defrost strawberries from my huge bag. I was at the computer feeling sorry for myself while he got everything ready. He was joking with Jake to get a sandwich baggie and they'd save me a little bit (after Jake told him he can't use my strawberries, that I need it for my plain yogurt. What a sweetie!) All the joking brought me to tears and they wouldn't stop. Until MIL called...kinda put my situation back into perspective. TWICE I had the kids bring me their bowls with leftover mixed up mush in it. It smelled SO good! I had all I could do not to say oh well and dive face first into the bowl. I've been sitting here for the last hour, trying to figure out what I'm going to eat for my bedtime snack. It better be something really good!!!!

MIL is sore and exhausted as is to be expected. She did sound a lot better when talking though (not huffing and puffing like the other night). I automatically started asking her what she was doing this weekend but stopped myself mid sentence. We both started laughing. I then switched it to...Are you feeling up to company? I'm going to try and visit her in the morning. Maybe I can do it early so she's not exhausted. Plus I can get home at a decent time. Problem is...I'm going to miss out on our marathon on Sat afternoon to whip the house into a liveable state. That means I'll have to try to do it Sunday (but when...between church and homework?) Oh well, guess MIL is more important then a decent house. Then again maybe by leaving Tyrannical Daddy in charge...the house will be spotless when I get back! LOL

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