Friday, February 11, 2005

Toopid Carbs!!!

Just when I start to relax and think that things are finally getting under control....BAM! *heavy sigh*

After upping my morning dose of insulin on Wednesday my sugars have been good. On Thursday they were great starting with a fasting of 92. Breakfast was 95 (even finished Jake's apple which wasn't allowed), Lunch was 114. I started thinking....YEAH! It worked! THEN I had dinner. My exchange list says that 1/2 c of pasta is a starch, so I measured out 1 cup for my 2 starch allowance. 2 starch equals 30grams of carbs. While eating I input my meal into my fitday tracker. The tracker gave me 40g of carbs for my eggnoodles...huh? So I ran out and checked the package...yep, it's right. UGH!

I forgot to check my sugar level 1hr after dinner and ended up checking them 2hrs and 20mins later. (keep in mind my 2hr level is under 120). What did I test out as??? 159!!! I thought...nawwww that has to be wrong so retested. Got 143, ok so I am high...I redo it and average it. I then went into a testing frenzy. In the matter of a few minutes I got.... 138, 214, 127, 145. All because I had 2/3 of an exchange of carb extra?? GRRRR! This is SO frustrating!!! It wouldn't be as frustrating if I'd gotten that number because I ate something I WANTED! To get it after eating something I made myself eat (deli ham out of hand because I couldn't have bread for a sandwich and it was easy/accurate to measure 3oz)

This morning when I got a fasting of 98 I thought last night was a fluke. But nope! I'm back up to the barely ok level with a 140 again after breakfast. It was my normal breakfast of 9 grain toast and peanut butter too. :o(

Oh yeah and I felt headachey yesterday afternoon and took my blood pressure. It was up a bit. Luckily this morning it's back down, even to a GREAT level! :o)

Oh well, time to go eat again! Who would have ever thought I would dread EATING!!! LOL Guess I just figured out a new diet. Make people HAVE to eat...biggest turn off in the world!

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