Monday, May 02, 2005

The start of something beautiful!

At least I'm hopeful. It seems that I've developed some energy Sunday! I was surprised because when I went to bed Saturday night I could barely walk. I thought for sure my sciatica would be a problem during the day too. It was a dull ache but nothing that made me stop moving. I admit legs aren't as strong as they normally would be. I can't really lift or carry anything. Good thing I have dh and the big known as the hamper haulers. At least I can climb up and down the cellar stairs to get to the washing machines. I admit though, between already being sore and working around the house, I had to turn down an invitation to go for our walk today. I was too afraid that I wouldn't make it very far. Or that I'd push myself and not be able to get home very well. Tom took the kids off road for their walk today. They went exploring down the hill. They came back with a find! A tiny white skull....ICK! I admired it like a good mom then insisted Tom throw it away! LOL

So what happened today. I started working before I got out bed. I picked up a few things in my room although you can't tell. After I climbed out of bed, Michelle and I cleaned the livingroom, including moving the furniture. I even spot cleaned the floor and made a vow that the kids wouldn't have anymore gum for quite a while. I'm so glad it's hardwood and not carpeting! I worked in both bathrooms and the kitchen. I have 2 out of three counters totally cleaned off and scrubbed down. Unfortunately the one I have left is the biggest and has the most stuff on it. I'm hoping to continue with the work on Monday and get the rest of the counter and work areas scrubbed. I also am in the process of doing my 7th or 8th load of laundry. Granted I still have 4 more loads to go before the hallway is clear. I'm trying to ignore the pile of bedding and the clothes I know I have in my room to wash. LOL If I keep this pace up, I may even get into the basement and go through things that are on the laundry room floor.

As usual the weekend shot my food plan and timing of my sugar testing. It bugs me that it happens and I try to avoid it but it still occurs. Saturday I grabbed breakfast and ran out the door so never tested after breakfast. I was racing against the clock as I had to be home by 2 so Pat could drive the car back to work. He went to work in the morning with Drew, had a few hour break and then went back in for the dinner hours (he washes dishes and buses tables) I dropped Liz off at the B's house until the next day. We (Carrie, Eileen and Olivia were with me) then hit BJ's Wholesale Club and Walmart. By the time I left WM I was FRAZZLED! I almost smashed my cell phone because Pat, Michelle, and Val all decided they needed to call me and check to see when I would be home!!! GRRRRR! I actually hung up on Val because I was totally frazzled while trying to check out of WM. I called her when I got back to the car and apologized but GOSH! I'm barely able to go anywhere with the boys working now and when I do I'm on a time limit. Then to have to be bugged about it while I'm trying to do what I NEED to do. Val and I were talking about it in the kitchen Sunday afternoon and I apologized again. Tom pointed out to Val that I have to "answer" to more people then ANYONE. Gee, maybe he has been listening to me all those years when I've complained about not being able to even go potty without making an appointment! LOL It tickled me that he acknowledged that and pointed it out to her.

Friday I had an appointment at school for Luke's IEP meeting. He's been upgraded in his reading disability. :o) BUT his writing disability is still quite pronounced. He tests out over 40pts lower then his ability should be. They've kept most of his accomidations from this year. Next year they'll added a support person in his English class. I'm also going to work with him on his keyboarding skills this summer. We have an Alpha-Smart processor from school a few years ago. I'm not sure if we're suppose to be in possession of it still but oh well. His resource teacher knows we have it and has asked if I'll get him working on it a bit more. Guess I can have him do it while I'm working with Eileen and her Hooked on Phonics set. I HOPE that this year can be different and I keep up the intended "schooling" during the summer.

This week I'll be running a few days. I may have to run into the dr's on Monday to have some paperwork filled out, although I'm going to see if they can fax it and save me a trip. I then have a WIC appt on Tues and a dr appt on Wed. I'm considering calling Monday morning and asking for permission to up my insulin again. I've gone from our set of 20/20 at the last appt back up to my old dosage of 28/24. I'm still hanging JUST under my upper limits, I'd like to be a bit lower. Maybe I'll give it a few days and see if they come down a bit more first. I hate to not take action though!

OH MY!!! I just almost had a heart attack! While sitting here finishing up the last sentence BOTH smoke alarms went off upstairs. They're wired into the house and wired into each other, so at least they work. I went running upstairs (amazing how fast and well you can move when adrenaline is involved) and didn't see or smell anything. The scary thing is that Liz moaned and groaned about it but didn't ask what was going on. (Carrie and Eileen stayed asleep) No one else woke up...not even TOM! I woke Pat up when I turned on his bedroom light to check the conditions in there. Those things are ear piercing! Even worse then the downstairs one. Oh well so much for going to bed now. My heart is still racing a mile a minute and I feel like I could clean this whole house right now. Guess I'll go play some gamecube to chill out while I wait for the dryer to buzz.

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