Thursday, March 31, 2005

This sucks!

I'm not really sure I should be writing anything just now. I think maybe forcing myself into bed and waiting until tomorrow morning to see how things are to write might be a smart idea. Unfortunately I can't see myself sleeping even if I do get into bed.

I feel like there are tons of things wrong yet it doesn't seem like anything. I feel like crud yet can't pinpoint how or why I feel like this. I find myself climbing into my bed on and off all day. In the morning I'll reevaluate whether to put a call into the OB. As of right now I'm thinking it might be a good idea.

The poor kids. Things are falling apart here with me not being with it. I feel like I'm "ignoring" them although it's not my intention. It was another night that Carrie didn't finish her homework, not that I wasn't on her about it since about 5pm. At least Michelle has food prep this week so they ate dinner, granted it wasn't until 8:30 but they did eventually get something into their bellies. (and it wasn't half bad! lol)

OK enough pity to try to sleep.

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Jody said...

I am so sorry you are feeling bad. I wish that I could help! It is nice that your family all pitches in together.

Follow your instincts, and call the doctor. And let us know how you are feeling today!