Monday, May 02, 2005


That's what I'm sitting here doing, snuffing, sneezing and trying not to rub my itchy eyes. Yep, the madness has continued. I've started working in my room. And as true to course, within a half an hour in there my allergies were showing themselves big time. Now I have to finish, otherwise I'll have to get all stuffed up again a different time and we don't want that to happen. I'm actually starting to think I might be able to get some sewing started this week! I'm taking a break seeing as I had to call the dr about faxing WIC (no problem for them). I'm waiting to hear back whether or not I can up my insulin. I also need to get some lunch! (as usual it all comes back to food LOL)

I'd have finished the last 2 loads of laundry this morning but I forgot to have one of the big kids carry it down the stairs before they left the house. I may try to do it myself in a bit. If not it'll have to wait until after school. Digging through my room has left me some more laundry to do and I'll have to start bedding. Guess I could just do the bedding since it's not too heavy to carry. I'd rather wait to do bedding until the threat of rain is gone so I can hang it on the clothesline. Bedding always seems a waste of propane when drying in the dryer.

Time for lunch!

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