Monday, May 16, 2005

A little fun and lotta whine

The fun things to note....

Olivia lost her first tooth. She tried to use her teeth to open her yogurt container and it helped her loose tooth along. The cute thing is that the day before she lost her tooth, D's daughter the same age (and Olivia's bestfriend) lost her's. They'd both been dying to call each other and brag. LOL This would be where I'd insert the really cute pic I took but it seems my NEW memory card isn't working correctly. Oh yeah and someone moved my camera from my desk in the last day. Guess they don't know what....NO ONE uses this without my permission means. GRRRRR!

Olivia has also learned how to ride a 2 wheeler this weekend! She's been determined to do it but hasn't had too much of a chance. Eileen seems to hog the bike that's a good size for Olivia. She got her hands on it and away she want down the hill.

Tom had his picture in the local paper. It was for an article about new hi-tech equipment his department is using for manhole location. LOL He looked pretty scholarly and business like holding and staring at his laptop while his co-worker placed the equipment. (now would be a good time for me to get the scanner to cooperate!)

A week makes a HUGE difference with this pregnancy. The baby is moving all the time and it's BIG movements. We can now sit and watch my belly roll and bump. There's no mistaking that this baby is here and active. I'm not just fat!!! LOL Val and Tom got a chance to feel it move this weekend. Michelle hasn't been so lucky but she hasn't had too many opportunities to try either. Drew and Pat are the only other ones who haven't felt it...they also haven't attempted to yet (haven't been home much).

Pat's doing well with his new job and Drew has been upped to 25-30+ hrs at the waffle place. I think he's ok with it although he keeps talking about working the warehouse job for more hours and more money per hour. He just hasn't done anything about it yet.

On the not so great note....

My dryer isn't working!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAA! Michelle mentioned it to me Sunday afternoon (she has laundry this week). I was outside fiddling with some bikes trying to get one put together for Eileen to use. I totally forgot about the dryer until I went to switch loads over at 11pm that night!!! UGH! I had at least 2 more loads I was planning to do that night...a white load and a dark so Tom would have a clean uniform for the next day. It was too late for anyone to go to the laundrymat with me and I can't do it myself. My sciatica makes it hard for me to walk while carrying anything of significant weight. I finally rummaged through their baskets and found clothes that were ok although not what I'd qualify as school clothes. So I hung the clothes on the lines outside before going to bed. I'll have to go to the laundrymat tonight. I REFUSE to hang white least I'll save some money by washing them at home and just drying them at the laundrymat.

Carrie got bit by the next door neighbor's dog. It ended up only causing a tiny bruise on her eyebrow but it was scary nonetheless!!! The neighbor had come over to thank Tom for mowing her lawn while she was at school. Carrie was sitting in a chair, bent over to hug the dog (which she KNOWS she's not suppose to do to strange dogs). The chair started coming out from under her at the same time so she was actually falling onto the dog instead of hugging him. He got scared and nipped her, unfortunately it was on her eye. Fortunately he didn't break any skin. The neighbor felt horrible. I was angry at first and then broke down crying after I realized everything was ok but what could have happened. That started me into a huge hormonal/emotional mess for the rest of the day!!!

It doesn't look like I'll have a vehicle available to me soon. That was the news I got about an hour after Carrie's ordeal. Tom started talking about just getting rid of the bus and buying something new. I can't bare the thought of sinking into debt and living on such a tight budget again. We've finally gotten some breathing room! This sent me over the emotional edge I mentioned above.

The emotional edge then was complicated by me walking into the kitchen in tears, seeing the mess I had to navigate to get to my room and breaking down even more. Everything that could have been a bummer any other day just sent me deeper and deeper into my little pity party for myself. I cried on and off all day. The poor kids didn't know what to make of it and were walking on pins and needles.

At bedtime Tom and I got talking and things got chilly. I ended up crying my eyes out on the couch until 4am when I fell asleep. I woke up a few hours later looking and feeling horrible! Sunday was spent in a fog which threatened to continue on like the previous night. Fortunately the raw emotions didn't last long and I enjoyed most of it outside...even if I didn't really accomplish anything. It also helped that I paid Michelle (mostly) and Val to clean up the kitchen and livingroom above and beyond what anyone else would do. So I'm feeling a lot better toward the house too.

At least today is looking to be a better day emotionally!!! I'm not feeling fragile although that could change at any second! LOL Guess I should wash some clothes so I'll be ready the laundrymat when I get a car to use. I should probably just plan on spending some time there and getting it ALL done instead of just what's essential for the week.

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