Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Long and busy weekend....

Tom got home with the van about 11am Friday morning. It is BEAUTIFUL! Everyone keeps mentioning what nice shape it's in. They're so use to everything becoming rust buckets here in a few years (unless you have a plastic Saturn lol). I think we'll have to take a trip down to Kentucky whenever we want a new vehicle. Tom unwound and went to bed. I took Drew into the city so he could get his car at my MIL's house. Then went to my parents to show off my new vehicle. It's SO nice to be able to just go without major scheduling and planning!!! I never went shopping with D. Instead we stopped for some things on the way home from my parents.

Saturday afternoon we went over to church. It was the May conference and there was a lot of visitors from all over the country there. It was a beautiful day and I really enjoyed seeing a lot of people. There was a touch of sadness in the back of my mind though. I kept thinking about how Monika and the kids would normally be there and now they weren't. It especially hit me while driving in and seeing Marc there by himself. :o(

About 6pm the sky got black so I decided to round up the kids and head home for dinner before we got stuck in a huge downpour. By the time we were leaving the sky was a dull gray. Oh well, my sugar was low because I hadn't brought anything to eat with me (BAD diabetic!) so we really needed to eat anyways. My sciatica did ok for the most part. I was sore when I got home but could work through it. About 7ish I decided to laydown for a bit before I headed out to Walmart for a few things I couldn't get on Friday. I had told my BIL that if he needed me to run to the store to help stock up for the church snack bar to let me know (our fellowship operates a snack bar and grill when there are lots of people over there). He called about 8 and I was out the door with everyone again. I just jumped into the van that was waiting for me in the driveway! woohooo! LOL All the storage room in the back was nice to hold supplies too. First I went to BJs Warehouse and then Walmart. While walking through WM I realized that all the kids were dirtybags! They all needed showers after playing hard all day and I didn't notice it when I ran out the door. I was slightly embarrassed but they were well behaved so it mattered less. LOL I told them if I realized how grubby they were they would have been left home though. I dropped off the supplies at the church about 10ish, came home and went to bed.

Sunday we had a cookout at my parents. Everyone was there...me and my family, my sister and brother and their families, and my grandma. It was almost my sister's birthday so I bought a couple birthday cakes while at WM on Saturday night for her. It was nice since her husband is out of work with a bad back..having surgery this Friday. Also it seems her girls forgot it was her birthday or didn't realize the date at least.

My dad had hamburgers, hotdog and CLAMS...more then enough for everyone to have their fill. I made a pasta and a fruit salad, my sister brought baked beans, my mom made broccoli slaw and salt potatoes, and my brother brought a jello/cottage cheese salad. I hate to say that I didn't stick to my diet. I'm happy to say that my sugar levels while high were on the barely high side. So not too shabby.

The kids had a ball and played ALL day and night long. They couldn't wait for the darkness to hit so they could play Hide & Seek, Kick the Can and Sardines. We had a fire and finally headed home about 11pm. I was pretty busy all day with helping my dad and taking care of kids. Sitting in those plastic lawn chairs didn't help my sciatica too much. By the time we left I could barely walk.

I felt HORRIBLE on Monday morning. My sciatica was still acting up and I was taking teeny tiny baby steps. It wasn't the pain so much as the weakness that was bothering me. About 11am I got a phone call from one of the men in our church. They'd decided to have a cookout to celebrate someone's 50th birthday that was back in April. WHOA! Shortnotice but we decided to go. I had to lay down twice in the time we were getting ready but we got there about 2...an hour after it started. It was a great time and the kids loved going swimming for the first time this season at the church pools!

Two not so great things happened on Monday too. When I went to leave the church grounds my van wouldn't start!!! It has a loose ignition switch so if someone touches it, it draws power. So the battery was dead. It still wouldn't start after trying our jumper pack on it and getting a jump. Tom came over after I tried a few things. He finally climbed under it and smacked the starter. It started up immediately! I hate temperamental starters! Hopefully we'll get it fixed quickly.

The other thing was I decided to patch the pool liner before leaving for the cookout on Monday. It was one of the things on my looong todo list for that day so wanted to get SOMETHING done and that was the most important and easiest to do. When I got out there with teh patch kit I started crying. The slice has gotten WIDE! I was dying to say...I TOLD YOU SO!!!! to Tom but I didn't. I told him I didn't think we could patch it and we'd have to get a new liner. It's so frustrating! I totally understand the need to save money and fix things. It's just that some things are better to just be replaced. This was one area that Tom and I differed on. Unfortunately it looks like we're exactly where I thought we'd be in April when I suggested we buy a new pool liner and just replace it. UGH!!!!!!

This week I have a dr appt on Wednesday and a chorus concert (Eileen adn Jake are in it) on Thursday night. I was going to try to get a new jumper made for Eileen but not sure if I'll have the time now. Tomorrow while out I was hoping I could find Jake a decent shirt at the thrift store. Right now all he has are tshirts and I'd like him up on stage with something a little more dressier...even a collared polo shirt would be nice. The chorus teacher encourages dress shirts and ties but it's just a suggestion. Hopefully the thrift stores will cooperate with me and have something nice. :o)

I'll update tomorrow after my dr appt. I'm happy to be going in since I feel like my belly has shrunk a bit and the baby has slowed down (but she's still moving a good deal...just smaller movements). I'm not so happy to be going in though because I've done TERRIBLE at keeping track of my sugar these last 2 wks. Oh well it's the first and hopefully only time it'll happen. It'll be interesting to see what my weight has done.


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