Monday, May 09, 2005

They started dropping like flies

Today I have 3 other kids home. Luke started not feeling well yesterday afternoon. You know it's bad when he's ignoring the gamecube while under his blankets on the cough (on a beautiful/warm day!). Jake complained about his belly this morning (some sick ones are throwing up so didn't want to take my chances) Liz didn't feel well this morning and blamed it on ME! Tom and I had gone out to dinner last night with his mom and one of his brothers. Liz called after dinner while we were visiting at MIL's. They had woken up Olivia so she could eat dinner and she was crying and wouldn't stop....she wanted me. Olivia got on the phone and hysterically cried....I FEEL BAD!!!! I asked Liz to forget trying to get her to eat and go lay on my bed with her so she could go back to sleep. So now Liz is sick because I made her lay down with her. I told her that she got the germs BEFORE she laid down...laying down was too close to feeling symptoms to be the time of exposure. Seems that R...the girl down the street that catches the bus from our house had a fever this weekend too. Olivia is still feverish a bit too, she looks exhausted. I should probably take her in for a throat culture. She's had a fever on and off since Thursday.

The day is BEAUTIFUL here and only going to get better!!!! It's in the low 70's and sunny with tomorrow looking to top out over 80. We haven't seen 80 in a loooong time! (think I heard it's been 8mos). After I'm off here I'll do some bedding that's not needed tonight. Then it won't matter if it's on the line overnight. Tomorrow I'll do stuff that we're using already. I'm hoping to get Tom to rototil my flower beds tonight so I can start planting seeds. I probably should have started some of them inside..but oh well, what grows grows. I keep thinking that I have to get things started so the yard will look nice for the graduation party. Of course I think that about the house too. I just can't justify working inside on the first hot day of the year. Then again, maybe I'll be glad to be inside to get out of the heat and sun. LOL Wonder what my ankles and hands will do tomorrow. I'll have to make sure I DRINK! DRINK! DRINK!

So why didn't I do any outside work or wash bedding this morning??? I was SLEEPING!!! I don't know what's up with that. Just after I start bragging how great I feel I get hit with a day where I want to sleep all day. I was falling asleep where I stood this morning so decided to take a nap after I ate, took my meds and checked my sugar. I was out cold as soon as my head hit the pillow. I woke up to Pat telling me I had a phone call. It was the seems I forgot about Olivia's Kindergarten screening appointment today...OOPS! I swear they are going to think I'm losing my brain (or definitely have too many kids to take care of lol). Luckily it's been rescheduled for Wednesday at 10:20. At least I THINK it's this Wednesday!!! LOL I was half asleep and just said ok. I hope it's not next week because I'll then have to be in 2 places at once (school and the OB). Guess we'll find out when I show up at school in 2 days.

I tortured Tom last night and made him stop at the grocery store on the way home from our dinner. Poor thing! He hates going into stores unless it's running in and out for a few specific things. I told him he'd run through and we did. Granted it took over an hour..but that's par for the course on my quick run through lol. First he was's getting late. Then it was we didn't have room for what I was buying. I said WHERE? In the car? There's a huge trunk and a full backseat...tons of room! Then it was hurry up we have frozen stuff in the cart (bought was the second to last aisle!) I informed him that we were fine and he should relax. LOL Thing is, I only bought half of what I usually do and complained that I felt weird as I didn't buy any meat other than bacon (couldn't pass it up for 1.33/lb!) Good thing we have a full freezer.

As much as I wanted to CLOBBER him for putting a damper on my shopping trip. I thanked him for stopping. I let him know that it saved me tons of time and work. I didn't have to figure out which day and timeframe I had free to shop, see if I could "schedule" cartime for then, drive for over an hour just to get to and from the store. I also could shop faster because I didn't have Olivia with me (although she's usually good in the store), he helped me get things off the low shelves and put things under the cart. He loaded the groceries on the belt while I bagged and helped me load them into the car. I think he realized it wasn't just a waste of time afterall. After we got hom he mentioned to Pat that he appreciated me letting him know how much of a help it was to stop. I'll have to remember to do that more often. :o)

HUGE on my list of things to do is to get a pool patch kit!!! The longer we wait the greener the pool gets. It was so clear after the ice melted! It kills me to watch it grow greener and greener. I know it means more work and chemicals. OH yeah and we need to build a new ladder out of PCV pipes and the old ladder rungs. The original ladder corroded and fell apart. This year I definitely can't be jumping out and pulling myself onto the deck. I can barely pull my rear out of a chair!!! ;o)

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