Monday, May 02, 2005

We did it!!!

I mentioned in a post below that I declined our walk. Last Wednesday Tom came home from work and asked the kids if they wanted to go for a walk...they did. They then asked me if I wanted to go and said yes. You'd have thought I told them we were going to Disney World with the shouts of glee around the house.

The kids wanted to know how far we were going and Tom kept referring to me and how far I could make it. I told him...don't worry about me, I'll let you know if it gets to be too much! We walked down to the "end" of our street (it's really a fork but there's a stop sign). I'm pretty sure it's at least 1/2 a mile, might even be 3/4 of one. Not too shabby for a first walk. It wasn't a HUGE workout, we strolled, but we had fun and we talked the entire time. I got a little out of breath as we were getting close to home but it was on a slight incline. I wonedered if it was s fluke or we'd continue to do it. We went on Thurs (kids begged to go!) and again on Friday.

On Friday we decided to not turn around at the corner but to continue on. It's pretty hilly where we went and we decided to turn around at the top of a hill where the townline starts and stops. The kids kept asking us if we could continue and go ALL the way around the block. We told them eventually. I made a mistake on that walk though. I forgot to test my blood sugar or to make sure I'd eaten before we left. I had been laying down when everyone got home so got out of bed, straightened up and walked. By the time I got home I had cotton mouth pretty bad and was starting to feel fuzzy headed. I tested as soon as we walked in teh door and I got 74 so grabbed something to eat quick.

Saturday I went grocery shopping and Sunday I declined the walk due to my sciatica being irritated. Today we went on another walk though. This time I tested my sugar (78), ate before we left and remembered to bring a water bottle with me. It gave me the courage to tell the kids we could try to walk around the WHOLE block (3.1 miles) I also bragged that I had my cell phone so could call Drew to come pick me up while they had to finish the walk. LOL I'm happy to announce I didn't have to call Drew and we all made it ALL the way around the block!!!! Woohoooo! The last part of the walk was rough as it was up a decent sized hill and I felt like I could barely walk up the porch stairs. LOL Tom is complaining that he's sore tonight, my sciatica is acting up but no more then when I went grocery shopping on Saturday. I guess we'll see how I feel in the morning.

I didn't get back into my room to clean but I'm hoping to get into it tomorrow after my WIC appt. The rest of the house is slightly messed up. Drew decided to rearrange the livingroom and he switched bedrooms with Jake and Luke. As long as it's all put back together by the end of the week I'll be happy.

I never did hear back from the dr today and my sugars were TERRIBLE! I think I may up my morning dose tomorrow anyways. Let him read me the riot act on Wed if he wants. I tried to do it by the book. I just hope they faxed the info WIC wanted for me.

Well off to bed!

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