Saturday, May 07, 2005

It's back!!!!!

That nasty cold and cough that made Jake and I miss Tom's parent's 50th anniversary party a few weeks ago. This week it hit Eileen and Olivia, they both ran a fever Thursday and Friday. Olivia's the only one with it today. While Eileen was really happy to miss school for 2 days, they were both upset over missing out on girl's crafts at church on Friday night.

One of my nieces is in the hospital. C is 16 and the middle child of 7 girls. She has shingles and went in for some treatment and tests. They admitted her with viral meningitis. :o( I had flashbacks of Carrie last year all over again. I'm not sure exactly what's going on as I've only gotten the news from my MIL 2nd hand. I immediately wanted to run up there but just the shingles alone makes me hold off on that thought. Hopefully she'll be out and feeling better soon!

We've hit a new milestone of my pregnancy!!! A lot of the kids got a chance to feel the baby moving tonight! :oD I thought it might be possible but no one has been able to catch it moving yet. Tonight Eileen was curled up on the loveseat with me. She had her hand on my belly with the hope that it would move..and it did! It moved so much that we saw Eileen's hand "jump". I wish I could have captured the look on her face when she realized what it was. LOL After she announced what happened to the other kid, I had the rest of the kids in the room (Liz on down) lined up to get a chance. Luckily the baby cooperated for quite a few of them. After that with some poking, prodding, and patience the rest of the kids got at least a flick or flutter under their hands. They were all pleased and excited. I think I might be in trouble now. I don't think I'll be able to relax anymore without someone trying to cop a feel. ;o)

I had tons of plans for around the house today. I went out front and talked with Tom about purchasing a few things, including paint. While we were chatting I started pulling weeds in my front garden. After finding my hand claw had been squished into an unusable shape I went back into the house. I remembered I hadn't taken my meds. I took my blood pressure and got a surprise, it was 148/90! YIKES! So my plans for working around here were put on hold and I took it easy for a while. By evening it was 128/84. It better not do that again!!!

My sugar is doing ok. It's starting to get on the low end again but nothing where I'm worried about hitting some scary lows soon after eating. So I'm ok with that! Except for the high blood pressure numbers today, I've been feeling really good lately. Almost to the point where it's a surprise to see a belly sticking out in front of me when I look down.

I ordered a new digital camera online. It's not the most expensive or best quality, but I'm hoping it'll be good enough for now. It has more megapixels then my old one so we'll see. It should be here by next weekend. It'll be nice to share some pics here. This place is looking a little boring. Maybe I'll even get a bellyshot! :o)

I have NO idea whether or not I'll have a car in the morning so we can go to church. This not having a vehicle is driving me crazy!!! Tom has started to work on the bus so that's a good sign. My inlaws stopped over for a visit today. MIL told me Tom's brother is willing to GIVE us his minivan that's been parked in our yard all winter! Wow! I'd thought we'd give him $500 for it. The body is in GREAT shape although it has mechanical problems. I thought it would be to our advantage to sink some money in it and get it working. It's an 8 seater which doesn't allow me to take all the non driving kids somewhere (have 8 non drivers, 9 after the baby is born). But it seats 2 more then the olds does. I'm hoping that we can sell Pat the olds (although he doesn't want to buy a huge "old peoples" car. PICKY! PICKY! PICKY!

One of the reasons it's imperative to get me a working vehicle is that Pat has an interview with the local plastics factory. He's decided he didn't want to work nights and weekends at Waffleworks. So he's shooting for a fulltime, daytime factory job. If he gets the job I won't have a car at all! Drew's already BTDT with the fulltime factory job and doesn't mind working the hours he gets at Waffleworks. I think he'll be happy to just work parttime all summer. He'll also have a job that fits into his schedule when classes restart in the fall.

The kids asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day. I answered with the classic answer of....a clean kitchen! I've been working on and off in there and it just never gets done! Everytime I think I'm getting ahead it's time to cook or eat in there again. If they'd work in there it'd only take 20mins tops to get it done. I guess I'll see if I get what I asked for in the morning. LOL

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