Thursday, May 05, 2005

Now to get back into the swing of things

I've had the gumption to get a bunch of things done around here. Unfortunately my schedule hasn't allowed it. Tues I had to go to WIC. After we were done D and I decided that it was a waste to be out and not do anything else. So I gave Pat my car and drove with D to Real Deals (dollar store) and then went around the outside of the grocery store. This week I bought BOOBERRIES! After trying them though I'm not sure why they used to be my favorite. Frankenberries are much better to me now. (and all you Count Chocula fans :op~~~~ chocolate cereal is a dime a dozen!)

When Tom got home he asked if we were ready for our walk. I was going to not go due to my hips starting to hurt after shopping but went anyways. We went to the opposite "end" of our street (crazy country road that doesn't really end when you think it should) and back. I know that's about .9 of a mile one way. I have to admit that this walk was harder for me then the 3+ one. I'm pretty sure it was because I'd already been out walking that day. I could barely get up the front steps.

Wednesday was my doctor appt. I woke up and all I wanted to do was go back to sleep. I'd thought I'd slept well and even got up later then normal. One check of my blood pressure gave me my was 102/68! I have NO idea why. When I got to the dr's office the nurse who usually does my vitals was laughing. She's been known to get some crazy low numbers on me before and I told her she was WAY off. She thought for sure she'd done it again because she got 100/74. I let her know that this time I agreed with her. :o)

Previously they were considering lowering my blood pressure meds based on a few lower readings in a row. I disagreed because I wasn't getting the same numbers at home. This week I started noting what pressure readings I was getting in my glucose log book. I'm glad I did, there was no question I was fine where I was. I just wonder WHY it was low yesterday.

I gained 7lbs (219) and am almost to my all time high weight (220) again. :o( I figured with my sugar numbers being high while we catch up with the mess from 2 weekends ago that I'd gain weight. I hadn't planned on THAT much! It bothered me a bit but I guess I can't complain...I'm still only 5lbs over my start weight. Dr was ok with my sugar numbers although I'd like to see them come down a tad during the day. I asked him if I could up it in a few days if it doesn't start coming down a bit. He said I could self regulate it. YEAH! I really don't feel like I need to call him everytime I think I need to go over the limit he's set. Now I don't have to! Makes me feel good that he feels he can trust me to do what's right and know enough to make these decisions. :o)

Drew dropped Pat off at the dr's office after his classes (Drew still had one more class to go to). I was so glad because I didn't want to drive anymore. It was hard enough to drive to the dr's without falling asleep. We decided to go to lunch and then hit the Dollartree. They've relocated and the place was HUGE! I was in heaven and told Pat I could have spent $100 more in there! All the neat baskets, containers, and such to organize things. I've been walking around here thinking of new things I could buy there to organize around the house. I should make a list. I also found pads that'll fit on my clorox mop! I KNEW I'd seen them there but the other stores I'd went to didn't have them anymore. I'm a happy camper now, I thought I'd wasted my money on the mop since I refuse to spend the outrageous amount they charge for the brandname pads. I'm also considering buying the packages of cleaning clothes for the bathrooms and such. Anything to make it more interesting and easier for the kids to do their jobs the way they are suppose to.

I walked in from the dr's last night and immediately went into bed. I slept for about 2hrs! I haven't had a long nap like that in a while. I wish I could say it felt good but I was still exhausted. Not to mention it cut a huge hunk of time into my evening. Needless to say, we didn't go for a walk. Hopefully tonight we'll get back to it.

So now today I'm determined to get back into my cleaning mode. I've made a list of things I want to get done...and here I sit! LOL I have already gotten into one bathroom and when I get up I'll be throwing bedding into the washer. No threat of rain here for quite a few days so now's a good time to get that task done! The need to sew has really been getting strong! In order to be able to do it though I feel I have to get at least my bedroom cleaned up first so I know where all my sewing stuff is. Today though my bedroom isn't high on my list. The main areas are hurting and it's bugging me!!! So now I'm OFF to clean! (gee, you'd think I should be putting on my superhero cape with this attitude!)

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