Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Fingers are crossed here....

Things have been a flurry of activity and arrangements being made. Seems like I've lived with the phone to me ear for the last few days. Tom, one of his brothers and Drew rented a car and drove down to Kentucky to pick up our new-to-us van. (car rental is one way) Olivia and I were originally going to go but plans changed at the last second. Right before we went out the door to start on the trip, it was decided that BIL would go instead. He's mechanically inclined so can judge whether we should finalize the van procedure. Plus if it breaks down on the way home he can hopefully fix it. LOL

I probably wouldn't have fared too well with my sciatica but I was SO looking forward to spending the time with Tom. It wouldn't have been so fun for Olivia to spend almost 48hrs in a boosterseat either. Tom tried to get me to still come along but I think 4 adults and a boosterseat would be pretty cramped for that long. Also while things would have survived (although barely lol) here without me. It's definitely better to have me here for everyone.

Why my fingers are crossed is that we've discovered that some things weren't disclosed about the van in the auction (seller had disclosed them in previous auctions, so Tom tends to believe him it was an oversight). So the fact is...they may do a one way car rental in Kentucky and drive back home empty handed. I would LOVE a working vehicle that's big enough for most of us to drive in. I certainly don't want them to settle for something in poor condition just so I can have it. We'll be paying for this thing for 3yrs. Certainly don't want tons of repair bills ontop of it.

We'll be selling our bus. *sniff sniff* The kids are sad about it too. LOL What a difference from their initial reaction of being downright insulted they had to ride in such a hideous thing. LOL Val and Michelle told me that they know a few kids at school that have mentioned buying it when we decide to sell it. I told them to show up with the cash and it's their's...but they won't be starting it up and driving it away. So they should probably bring their mechanic too. LOL

I can't wait until this week is over! It seems like it's just been hard even though nothing specific has made it that way. Carrie has had a rough week of mornings. She hasn't made it to Sunrise Scholars all week. Where's my Bad Mother Award? I'm sure her teacher has it in her hand and is ready to award it to me when she sees me.
Woohooo it's a long holiday weekend! My dad has invited us to his house for a cookout/clambake. I told him if I could drive us there...we'd be there! I still have to get my flower seeds planted (veggies are Tom's responsibility). Yesterday my dad came out and brought me some more plants. So that's a pressing issue...don't want them dying after he did all the work of digging them up for me.

It looks like I'm headed into a busy summer already. My dad was told his bypass surgery is June 13th, the day before Liz's birthday. I'll be heading into more frequent dr visits and NSTs. Yesterday was major dentist day. (why my dad came out...he picked up 4 of the kids to get them to the dentist and then took them home after dinner) I had an appt to get 2 teeth fixed, 8 kids (Michelle on down) had cleanings. I now have most of July booked solid with dentist appts...along with Carrie's clinic appt. We're scheduled to go in every couple of days for a few weeks.

We're thinking of changing Michelle's graduation party date. It seems that one of her best friends is having his party July 9th when we were planning her's. They have a lot of the same friends so they'd have to decide which to go to. Plus Michelle would miss his party which she's not too happy about.

Poor Michelle, she's hit a bit of a snag concerning the prom. Her boyfriend J hasn't bought his prom ticket. The last day they were on sale was last Friday! So now she has a gown, a ticket and no date! He's hoping he can buy an unused ticket off of someone. I hope he's successful.

I have had some benefits from having my plans changed at the last minute today. I worked extra hard to get a bunch of laundry that's almost completed. Plus I had organized the younger kids clothes for the next few no work in the morning! I'll take ANY little break I can get. LOL I feel like I do have a bit more done around here concerning cleaning. Might be a combination of my dad coming out and me planning on leaving. Although there's TONS more to do around here. I'm finding it hard to do too much without feeling winded, sore and weak. It's kind of discouraging.

For some reason when Tom goes away I tend to want to clean extra so it looks really nice when he comes home. It's always been that way and I have NO idea. I get more done around here when I'm parenting alone then when he's around. Even when Carrie was less then 2wks old and he went to Kentucky for 4 days. This place was spic and span when he got back!

Well my feet and hands are a bit swollen so I should head into bed early. Hopefully I'll be gushing about my "new" van soon!

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Chris said...

I hope it works out and you have your van soon!!!

And you can't have the Bad Mother of the Year Award, I have already engraved my name on it and found it a permanent home on my mantle.