Tuesday, July 25, 2006

And then the phone rings again

I didn't answer it because I wasn't home. We were on our way up to the hospital to visit my MIL. Valerie took a message, got so excited she had to call Drew and leave him a voice message.

The call was from a woman who had my DIAPER BAG. My fully intact, never touched diaper bag. I called her as soon as I we got home and we made arrangements to meet in the next town over for the exchange. I HAVE MY BAG!!! My faith in humanity is restored!!!!!

She thought she mistakenly picked it up when she picked up her sister's bags. She didn't realize I'd left it where she found it. She was apologizing to me!!! I was thanking her over and over again. I told her I'm glad she picked it up because if she hadn't, someone else would've and I probably wouldn't have seen it again.

I wanted to give her something to thank her for returning it. But how do you do that when you have no way to access money? Michelle remembered Liz brought home chocolate from Norway. Oh yeah, did I tell everyone that Liz is home now!!! (that's why we were at the train station) So we grabbed a huge bar and brought it with us. When I got out of the car and met her she didn't want to accept the chocolate. I think she did just so I'd be quiet lol.

I can't say it enough....



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Lisa said...

That is awesome Kim! I lost my diaper bag/purse while dropping my daughter off on the college campus a few weeks ago. Got home, cancelled everything, cried and yelled a bit. The next day, I ran into lost and found...and lo and behold, there it was. I think it was not touched, except to access my ID. Of course, all my cards were cancelled, but I had my license back, my beautiful diaper bag/purse, a few gift cards. People are basically good...they really are!

~Lisa (4Gifts4Lisa) from Sept 05 EC

Amber said...

You couldn't have asked for a better ending!