Friday, July 21, 2006

It didn't take her long

We have a running joke that our babies aren't official family members until they can fend for themselves. Meaning they find the cereal cupboard and try helping themselves. Well, Danielle is now official! Wednesday I was on the phone and followed Danielle as she crawled into the kitchen. She crawled right up to the paritially open cereal cupboard, threw open the door, grabbed a box of cereal and proceeded to start stuffing her face. What a good baby! We won't have to worry about her starving anymore. ;o) Welcome to the family!

The heat has dropped about 10 degrees and the humidity is a lot lower, making it much more bearable. That is until we find ourselves without fans for 3-5hrs. The last 2 nights we've lost power for hours each time. While the first night it was easy to get the floor in order (no obstacles to trip over in the dark) Last night was a bit more difficult. We had just come home from grocery shopping and had put the cold things away. My kitchen and livingroom floor had bags of non perishable groceries all over them. I was also in the middle of cooking dinner (old school pilot light stove comes to the rescue again!) Luckily it was still dusk and the kids made quick work of getting them out of the way.

It's funny, both times when the power came back on an audible AWWWWW could be heard coming from the kids. The first night Eileen was going around turning all the lights off on everyone. The kids really enjoy the "forced" closeness it makes. I think it's why camping is so fun for them. There aren't all the distractions of modern day living to get in the way.

As quaint as it is, I'm hoping we aren't going back to our old service. About 10yrs ago the local manufacturing plants threatened to move out of the area if the grid wasn't upgraded. We live on the end of the line and we'd lose power everytime the wind blew. They promptly upgraded and we got use to reliable power service. It seems like since the ice storm of 2003 (we were one of the last ones to get power back, from April 4th - 10th) our power doesn't last through mild storms anymore.

Things have been hectic here, especially for Tom. His mom is back in the hospital and his dad's counts didn't like his last round of chemo very much. His dad has had to deal with one day admissions for transfusions a few times this week. He doesn't want visitors because he's so susceptible to things (I don't blame him). Tom used to stop by to refill his coffee cup everyday and that's had to come to a stop. To top it off my dad's been referred to a pulmonary surgeon, his appt is on Monday. His catscan looked off, I know he's thinking of his older brother who died 10yrs ago of lung cancer. :o(

I keep thinking what MORE can happen to us. Then I retract it, thinking...I don't want to find out!!! Especially with Carrie needing me to make her eye and dermatologist appointment. She needs to have her cataracts checked and has a few bumps on her body that I'm pretty sure aren't good. We've been watching them for 3-4 yrs now. They seem to be getting bigger, redder and are bothering her more. Especially the one in the middle of her back where her bra strap rubs. I'm almost afraid to make the appts, which is really stupid thinking! Like anything will disappear or get better by ignoring it. If that was the case my house would be perfectly clean!!!!

At one time I had links to blogs of kids dealing with cancer/bone marrow transplants in my sidebar. For one reason or another I decided it was too much for me and I dropped them. Yesterday I found Amy's blog. She's a young mom to a baby who's almost 8mo and was diagnosed with AML on July 2nd. I know my FIL is going through a lot of the same things. I also can remember feeling and dealing with much of it with Carrie. I'm sure she'd appreciate some positive thoughts and prayers.

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